Elizabeth Bathory's Pencil Holder

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Intro: Elizabeth Bathory's Pencil Holder

I had for a long while a tin can on my desk waiting to be converted into something nice. Yesterday I had an idea! I remembered Elizabeth Bathory, the Hungarian bloody countess! And I started thinking of making something related to her... and here's the result!

I don't have pictures of the process because I was making it up all along so... I'm going to explain you what I did.


- A tin can
- Glass paint
- Mod Podge
- A Glass Bubble Bead
- Bathory's picture
- Glue gun 
- Plenty of hot glue sticks
- Wallpaper (or similars)

I cut a piece of wallpaper (but you can use any kind of paper). I glued it on the can and I painted it black (yeah, like the Rolling Stones!) with glass paint. While it was drying I printed Bathory's picture and I glued it on a glass bead with Mod Podge.

Once the can was ready, I made the "blood" with hot glue. Make sure you have sticks at hand because you will need a lot. With the glue gun I also glued Bathory's portrait and the studs. When it was dry I painted the hot glue in red using glass paint (nail polish works as well). I also painted the inside of the can with black paint.

Finally, when everything was dry I varnished it.

I will probably use it as a pen holder but you can use it for any other purposes you may have in mind.



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    Ahhh Ersabet, you were a little bit odd. Lovely job, Kozmicblues69 ... you could do a Vladd The Impaler ring stand to go with Ersabet.

    1 reply

    Thanks a lot for your comment. I will definitely try your suggestion. It's a very good and gloomy idea, cool! (yes, you're right, I'm a little bit odd...)


    4 years ago on Introduction

    very cool recycle project......I always use old cans as pencil cups.....


    4 years ago on Introduction

    very cool recycle project......I always use old cans as pencil cups.....

    Thanks! Well it's a can covered with wallpaper. Wallpaper is thicker than other kinds of papers. I painted it with glass paint and then I varnished it.