Elmo, Bert, and Ernie

Introduction: Elmo, Bert, and Ernie

What we used:
Foam Sheet (like what's used for upholstery)
Yellow felt (berts head)
orange felt (ernies head, berts nose)
Red fuzzy fabric (elmos head)
Red felt (ernies nose)
Black felt (eyes and eye brows)
White felt (eyes)
Foam/Styrofoam balls Large (elmos eyes and nose)
Styrofoam balls Medium (bert and ernies nose and ears)
Black panty hose 
Orange Paint
Duct tape
Turtle neck 
Back pack
Kids jeans
Kids sneakers
Clothes to wear!

The heads:
We found a puppet head stencil online that I free drew onto a large piece of paper. I use this as our stencil for the heads. We than cut out all the foam head and used a glue gun to seal them together. while it dried we use the same stencil and cut out and exact copy onto the fabrics. we than just clued that fabric onto the foam which was all a pretty perfect fit. (advice: felt doesn't stretch as well I would stencil out a little larger on this material vs the fuzzy fabric stretched nicely where you couldn't tell where it had been glued.) when cutting fur be prepared for a fuzzy mess keep vacuum close! Bert head had a different stencil drawn out and repeated in a smaller form since our heads weren't going in. 
Elmo: Eyes were large Styrofoam balls as well as the nose. i connected them into a triangle and than attached to the face. small black felt circles were attached to eyes. and nose was colored orange. mouth was lined with a sheer black panty hose. I eventually had to cut eye circles in them because they weren't sheer enough for me to see in the dark. I bought the glasses from a halloween store and attached a snap back with pins.
Bert: Nose was made out of two small styrofoam balls to create a longer oval shape than covered in orange felt. eyes were just white and black felt. ears were a small styrofoam ball cut in half and covered in yellow felt. eye brows were black felt. hair was from an old mask we cut off some and attached.
Ernie: Same idea as bert. nose was just one half of a styrofoam ball covered in red felt. Hair came again from last years mask.
Elmo: Normal clothes was worn I stenciled out my hands and reduced it to two finger slots made four cut out of this stencil on the furry fabric glued the edges fur side in. than flipped it over and had a perfect seal. Same concept if you'd like to sew. for feet a made a boot cover. i laid fabric over my boots and just cut an outline and glued the fabric across the back. (not onto my shoes) :No shoes were damaged while making this costume: lol
Bert: I put a turtle neck on my bf than duct taped the shirt on him (think of a duct tape mummy) once the whole shirt was covered front and back including arms I cut him out. I snipped down the back. This gave us a perfect dummy body. we placed a back pack in side to hold the dummy body against chest without much strength. than we stuffed the dummy body till it looked it was too our liking. we dressed the shirt we wanted him to wear and just cut the straps out through the shirt. Head was attached with a hanger for support and a glue gun. 
Ernie: well just put on a hoodie long enough to cover your waist. this is where the illusion begins. fill a pair of kids jeans, we found mens jeans were to long and unrealistic. We pinned the shoes to the ends of the jeans. now slip a large belt through the back two of the kids jeans. and wrap the belt around your waist and fasten. grab the bottom of the kids jean and lock the legs like someone is ridding piggy back. fasten them with a pin. 

Ok .  Now its just piecing bert and ernie together so the illusion works you got the legs on. put the back pack straps over your shoulders and than pull your hoodie over. and put on your ernie head. We found that if you tuck the front of bert body under your fastened belt too it makes the bodies blend together. 
Pin Berts arms back holding onto the behind of your kids jeans to look like hes holding you up.

Now run around with your arms in the air and get ready for some stares lol

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