Elmo Pancakes




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This is a big hit at our house.

Step 1: Gather the Ingredients

You will need..... Pancake batter. food coloring and a squeeze bottle or similar. Anything will work really. When I first started ro make these I used an old Ketchup bottle but than I upgraded to a nice one. And actually have 3 so I can mix colors and not have to change bottles

Step 2: Eyes and Nose

Take the white batter and slowly try to make his eyes and nose. let that sit for a while so you get a nice outline when you fill in the rest. If you want try drawing the face on paper till you feel you go the shapes down. Im a horrible drawer so please dont judge my finish product

Step 3: Face

Now the red for the face. Let it set up a bit.

Step 4: Fill in Rest

Dont worry it will look like he has puffy face but when u flip him he will look fine.

Step 5: The Eyes Have It

I use brown M&M's for eyes. And your done. Enjoy.



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    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks. Have made turtles. dogs cats. pigs. But Elmo is the hit. Also they like when I write their names too....try it it so easy and ur a star for at least half a day!!!!