Email Spoofing

Introduction: Email Spoofing

Email Spoofing also called Email Forgery
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Step 1: Pinging

First select a domain and make sure it has email service and low security
then goto
Start>Run>cmd in windows
KDE>Run Command>xterm in linux

then on the terminal that appears type the following

ping -c 4

then something like the picture below will appear

Step 2: Telnet

Now we connect to the computer using telnet
in the terminal type
telnet <THE IP ADRESS> 25

and when it says connected type

mail from <anything@anydomain.any>

if there is no errror type

rcpt to <>

then type


look below for example

you may get an error like below if it appears the sites security is high enough to block you

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Scams are out there people. I am not proud to say i have been scammed a number of times myself. After meeting this legit hack service team, i have experienced a change of fortune. There isn't much to say than you will not be dissapointed after contact. Their services range from facebook hacking, email hacking and loads of discrete hacking services.


    You can make the email to appear to come from any email
    ~mail from <>
    ~rcpt to <>
    ~ Hello,
    ~ your account will be banned tommorow
    ~ please save it by visiting this site
    ~ .
    ~message sent!

    it will appear to com from the administrator but the truth is it was from you


    12 years ago on Introduction

    forgive my noobness. i'm assuming people know what email spoofing is. could someone explain what can be done once the spoofing is accomplished? :) cheers


    12 years ago on Introduction

    You should lookup the MX record for the site your attempting to send mail to, A lot of domains use a separate host for their mail server. This can be done with nslookup or dig, There are also many web based tools to do DNS queries. Also you forgot to say HELO/EHLO before your mail from line.