Embassy of Iraq - Oslo, Norway

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A new embassy with ambassador’s residence in Oslo, Norway

An embassy is a reflection of its country and its silent messenger that complements as well as completes the Ambassador’s mission.
The name of Iraq has become a strong reminder of war, atrocities, and suffering not soon forgotten, as it fought to carve its identity. Iraq seeks much needed support to overcome the painful years of civil war and looks to friendly nations that understand its pain and its strive to build a better future. Iraq is viewed as a rich and influential country, their heritage and traditions reflected by the fastest expanding civilization in the world. A world where traditions are being lost, easily discarded, and abandoned.

Iraq almost lost everything including their beliefs and faith in humanity, in face of a horrific and devastating war not seen in Europe since World War II, a gleam of hope ended the fight and life rose again from the ashes of pain and suffering.

Today, only the present and future matter and need be strengthened. We find strength not only in ourselves, but also in family and friends in life. Thus, the message of the hope coming from the warm desert of Arabia is bold and strong and has to be shown in the architectural representation of the embassy.

This research seeks to shed light on what an Iraqi embassy in Norway capital is. It discusses to what extent an embassy can showcase the ideals and the cultural values of the country it represents, what its role is, and to what extent it is a building that should try to conform to the local setting.

The House of Iraq in Norway fulfills the role of embassy purely as a representative of goodwill. I want to focus on developing a national symbol for the new spirit of Iraq. The new building should be a symbol of the Iraqi’s role in the development of Iraq and a reflection of the determination to rebuild the country.

A proposal for the new Embassy of Iraq in Oslo is covered in solar panels and rainwater harvesting mechanisms. The swirling structure features an energy generating skin, and it's wrapped with vegetation that intertwines throughout its openings and undulating surfaces.

The intersecting swirls of Embassy of Iraq in Oslo create an interesting play of animated forms. The skin provides gradual and discrete connections between different parts of the building. The two polarized swirls create a continuous and, at times elongated circulation path.

Serving as an urban sculpture, the overall shape of the building gestures towards the open spaces on the west side of the site. The north façade is mostly closed and functions as a buffer against traffic noise. Access, openings and views are oriented towards the east and shielded from winter winds.

Embassy:                                        997 m2
Ambassador’s Residence:              621 m2
Servant Quarters:                             95 m2
Parking spaces

The undulating roof is covered with photovoltaics and it harvests rainwater to irrigate the surrounding vegetation. The openings are glazed with high-performance glass that reduces glare and provides views and shading.








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    6 Discussions


    5 years ago

    I love that you have put SO much thought into this incredible, and beautiful design. I love that even the little details of the design have been thought through and have meaning!

    I would like to ask however, what is the material that you use to build the physical design? Clay? If so, what kind?

    Thank you! Your designs are incredible.

    1 reply

    Dear Mam,
    Thanks for your kind interest and generous support, its mean alot to me.
    It’s my great pleasure to hear that it gives a sense of beauty and meaningful to the design :)

    Regarding what you mention: as you said I would like to use clay as the main material to build the physical design, but unfortunately the technical and environmental issues make the concrete is the material.
    As you said I would like to use clay bricks is the basic material :)

    Thank you for your kind feeling, wishing to you all the best and my great pleasure to hear your news always.

    Kind regards,


    5 years ago

    Very pretty design! Love the earth friendly design. Feels very peaceful.

    1 reply

    Dear Ms. Beme,
    Thanks for your kind interest and generous support. Its my great honor.
    Its my great pleasure and happiness to hear that it gives a sense of beauty and peaceful and friendly to earth :)
    Thanks alot for your generosity, wishing to you all the best and my great pleasure to hear your news always.

    Kind regards,


    What a beautiful design! Best wishes to you! Aside from the elegance, the "earth friendly" design is superb!

    1 reply

    Dear Mr. Tremble,
    Thanks for your kind interest and generous support, I highly appreciate it.
    Its my great pleasure to hear that it gives a sense of beauty :)
    Thanks again, wishing to you all the best, and my great pleasure to hear your news always.

    Kind regards,