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I bought this hoodie at the salvation army for a $1.00. I downloaded the design of the college team WVU for $5.00.

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Step 1: Uploading the Design

After searching the Internet I found the wvu symbol I liked. I plugged in the usb cord. powered up my brother se400 and followed the uploading steps.

Step 2: Hoop

Next I place the hoodie and tear away sheet in the embordering hoop. I snap the hoop in place and am ready to emborder!

Step 3: Programming

The design is already saved on my machine. I select the wvu symbol and adjust any areas I need too.

Step 4: Embordering

It took about 10 minutes embordering the blue part of the design. once the first part of the wvu was finished I had to switch the thread to yellow for the outline of wvu. The yellow part only took 4 minutes.

Step 5: WVU

After the design is finished I unhooked the hoop and the hoodie was finished.

Step 6: New Step

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