Embordering a Sweatshirt

Introduction: Embordering a Sweatshirt

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I didn't want to spend $32 on a sweatshirt so I made my own for $8.00 and using my Brother SE 400.

Step 1: Laying Out the Embordering Design

I bought a plain blue zip up sweatshirt for $8 at the dollar store.
I am going to emborder it with the initials WMS. 

Step 2: Program the Machine

next I program my brother se-400.

Step 3: Placing the Sweatshirt in the Hoop

I snap the hoop around the area where I want the WMS to be embordered. I snap the hoop to the machine.

Step 4: Staring the Embordering Machine

my machine is set and so is my hoop. I press the start button and in about 3 mins the machine is done embordering the Sweatshirt.

Step 5: Finished

It took about 5 mins from start to finish!



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    5 Discussions

    Still not that far.

    It stands for wheeling middle school.

    That'd be awesome if it were wellsburg, I'm at BHS.

    Wellsburg Middle Schol?

    Does WMS stand for west middle school