Emboss Case



I made a box to put embosses I made last time.

Step 1: Drawing Sheet

Create shape of box with Illustrater.

When saving,make the data type SVG file.

lines width:0.001

lines color:red

Step 2: Data Conversion

I further convert the SVG file saved by Illustrator on the internet site.

Site URL https://scanncutcanvas.brother.com/jp

Convert SVG file to FCM file at the above URL site.

Select cut lines separately for each part and save data.

Step 3: Cutting Paper

Insert the USB containing the FCM file into the cutting machine.

Read the data and set the cutting speed and pressure.

cut speed 3

cut pressure 0

Cut paper with a cutting machine.

Step 4: Completion of Box Parts

Peel of the cut parts.

Step 5: Assembling Parts

Assemble the parts and check whether the embossing tool enters.

Confirm whether upper and lower parts are combined.

Once you can confirm, fix the parts with double sided tape.

The box is completed.

Step 6: Cutting Japanese Paper

Omit the extra portion on the Illustrator using the box data,and cut the converted data with japanese paper.

cut speed 3

cut pressure -5

Peel off carefully because it tears off easily.

Step 7: Paste Paper

Paste paper to the box body with double sided tape or bond.

Step 8: Tie by String

Combining the string with the box completed.

string color pink



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