Embossed Name Growth Chart Ruler - Assembly




Apply an embossed name plate to your growth chart ruler.

Growth chart ruler and embossed name bundles can be purchased here, with shipping through Amazon. The bundle includes a growth chart ruler with engraved markings and a laser cut name plate that can be added to the chart to give it that personal touch. Once you have your ruler and name plate in hand, follow these easy steps to complete the application.

Step 1: Get Ready

Lay out your growth chart ruler and name cutout where you can easily access both.

Step 2: Align to Edge of Chart

The alignment guide rectangle should be lined up with the edge of the chart to ensure the name will be out of the way of the scale and straight once applied to the chart.

Step 3: 6ft Is the Magic Number

We recommend aligning the right side of the alignment rectangle with tick mark at 6ft on the chart. The name will appear in the upper third of the chart once hanging. You're welcome to place it where you think looks best.

Step 4: Remove Mounting Tape Liner

Each letter in the name has mounting tape adhered to the reverse. Flip the letters over and remove the liner to reveal the sticky side of the mounting tape.

Step 5:

Double check your alignment rectangle position and apply one of the letters on either end of the rectangle (i.e. first or last letter). Apply the letter to the opposite end of the rectangle guide. This locks in the position of the guide. Now, simply place the remaining letters.

Step 6: Remove Alignment Guide

Firmly press each letter in place one final time to ensure proper adhesion and carefully lift the alignment guide off the chart. Each letter should be firmly attached the chart.

Step 7: Enjoy



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    This looks so nice that it can double as a piece of wall art.