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Introduction: Embossed Sugru Wristband

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These bracelets put a creative, personal twist on the classic silicone wristband trend. Make that "perfect" bracelet you've been dreaming of having in your collection, or make a bunch to support a cause. The wristband in this I'ble is my first sugru experiment, so there are a few things that could easily be better, but this is a good project for sugru newbies and veterans alike. I had to open four packs to get the colors I wanted, but I was able to make good use of the left over sugru and the project was a great way to get a feel for the substance.

I modeled the bracelet pictured here after my guitar, Cody. Cody has made quite a few cameo appearances in many of my Instructables.

Thinking back, there are a few things I could have done better now that I've seen the finished results:
  1. The bracelet could be thinner.
  2. The seam could be molded in better.
  3. Plastic embossing stamps would work much better than cardboard ones.
  4. Pliers were not the right tool for removing the embossing stamps.

  • sugru
  • thin plastic (anything works)
  • soapy water
  • flat, smooth item (I used a ruler)
  • scissors
  • sugru molding surface (I used plastic wrap)
  • machine made bracelet to copy (optional)

Step 1: Create Embossing Stamps

Trace the drawings or letters you want to emboss onto your thin plastic. (I used tissue box cardboard, as can be seen from the photos. This is a bad idea, as when you go to remove the stamps from the bracelet, they tend to stick. Use plastic if you have it.)

Cut out the tracings.

Step 2: Sugru Prep

In case you don't already know, the two things that sugru does not stick to are plastic wrap and things dipped in soapy water. Make sure you are very confidant that your sugru will not stick to the surface you'll be working on, and keep a cup of soapy water on hand.

Step 3: Mix Colors

If the standard colors that sugru comes in aren't the right ones for your bracelet, mix up some new ones. Sugru has a handy color mixing chart to make things a little easier if you're not already familiar with blending colored sugru. Keep in mind that you probably don't need more than one pack's worth of sugru in the end.

Step 4: Mold & Emboss Wristband

Mold the prepared sugru into a bracelet sized strip with your fingers. Make sure that it will fit on the wrist it is intended for, and then set it down on your work surface. At this point, a machine made bracelet may come in handy as a model.

(I marbled my bracelet by dividing my custom colored blobs into little bits and swirling, twisting, and mixing different colors together. There are an infinite number of ways to color your bracelet, from stripes, to polka dots. This part of the process depends on your own creativity.)

Dip the ruler or other flat item in soapy water. Use this item to press the sides and top of the bracelet into shape.

Gingerly press the embossing stamps into the bracelet, avoiding pressing too deep and thinning out the bracelet. Remove the stamps in whatever way you think will work best, there is no right way to do this. Needle nose pliers, for instance, leave nicks in the finished product. Possibly using a piece of scotch tape might work.

Smooth out any last imperfections and attach the two ends of the bracelet together. Make sure the seam is molded well enough that you can't see it anymore. I didn't do this, as you can see in the pictures, and as a result it has come apart many times. If this happens to your bracelet, try using superglue and possibly sewing the ends together.

Leave the bracelet to cure.

Step 5: Ideas

Enjoy your finished bracelet, and let us enjoy it too by posting a picture in the comments! I'll add your bracelet to the images on this step and link to your page.

Here are some further sugru armband ideas to consider:
  • Poke holes in the bracelet and make your own sugru bracelet charms (like crocs, but not so awfully ugly)
  • Homestuck troll horn bracelet (maybe, horns as charms?)
  • Sugru-spike cuffs (also maybe spikes as charms?)
  • Polka dots (3d?)
  • Glitter (dip wet bracelet in glitter)
  • Fill cured, embossed areas with uncured sugru to make them stand out (then glitter?)
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