Embroider and Sew a Sleep Baby Doll




Introduction: Embroider and Sew a Sleep Baby Doll

Send your kiddo to sleep with this lavender-infused baby doll...for the full PDF pattern, check out my blog, www.thehandmadeproject.com

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Step 1: What You

  • 1 Robyn embroidery pattern download
  • 1 fine point permanent marker
  • 1 flesh-colored piece of muslin fabric
  • 1 contrasting piece of fabric (same size),
  • 1 skein of embroidery floss for the following:
    • hair, eyes, nose, lips, hair bow, skin, dress,
dress pockets
  • Polyfil or stuffing of choice
  • 3 tablespoons of dried lavender

**Do take the necessary precautions regarding your child's age and allergies to lavender and any aromatherapy concerns.**

Step 2: Printing, Cutting, Tracing

1. Print out the Robyn embroidery pattern. Scale to desired size.

2. Cut 1 piece of muslin fabric and contrasting fabric to size of embroidery printout.

3. Trace Robyn pattern to muslin fabric by taping muslin over pattern on a sunny window (or use a conventional light box).

Step 3: Embroider Using a Simple Backstitch

4. Backstitch using full strand for Robyns hair, face, arms and legs, dress, pockets, and hair bow.

5. Backstitch eyes, nose, and lips with a half strand (split thread and use three strands together.

To learn how to embroider, check out these great instructable!

Step 4: Trace the Wrong Side of the Embroidered Doll and Contrasting Fabric

6. Lay embroidered muslin on top of contrasting fabric and pin. Trace an outline of Robyn, adding
approximately 1/4 inch of space between embroidery and sewing line. Cut along the outline.

Step 5: Sew, Stuff, Sleep!

7. Place right sides of both fabric pieces together. Pin and sew doll, leaving two fingers width open
at the base for filling. Turn right side out, fill with dried lavender and polyfil. Stitch doll closed.

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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Of course, you could omit the lavender entirely and just have an adorable little doll.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I've been making these sleep dolls for years I have one that was my father's that I treasure. Yours are adorable I put the letter of the child's first name in the middle of the dress or overalls so they learn letters. Love your site. I teach an after school embroidery class to 4th-6th graders at my daughter-in-laws school. your ideas are great, Thanks Sharon