Embroidey Book With Scissors and One Needle Sewing Machine

Introduction: Embroidey Book With Scissors and One Needle Sewing Machine

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The "Embroidery Book" introduced before can be made with one needle sewing machine and scissors.

Since this article is supplement to the original, please also read https://www.instructables.com/id/Embroidery-Book/ . Instead of Step16 in original, you can do Step 3,4,5,6 in this article using scissors.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools


  • An one needle embroidery machine
    • Attached example requires 5" x 7" or larger hoop


  • Scissors

  • Two pieces of felt fabric

  • Embroidery threads
    • Colors are depend on your design.
    • Attached example requires 6 colors (Pink, Fresh pink, Light blue, Fresh green, White, Black)
    • Embroidery stabilizer.
  • Double-sided adhesive tape

Step 2: Download Embroidery Data

    • Download embroidery data attached. [book_CW_Easter_NoCutwork.pes]
    • If you want to make your own design instead of attached example, refer to original article Step2 - Step11

    Step 3: Embroider the Upper Part of the Egg Shell As "APPLIQUE MATERIAL"

    • When embroidering, the upper part of the egg shell is sewn as "APPLIQUE MATERIAL".
    • We recommend that "APPLIQUE MATERIAL" be the color close to the fabric, or the same thread color as the window part.
      • Note: In this example, we are sewing with a noticeable thread color to make it easy to understand.

    Step 4: Cut Off With Scissors

    • When the upper part of the egg's color is sewn, remove the hoop from the sewing machine, but keep the fabric on the hoop.
    • Cut off the upper part of the egg shell with scissors. Cut it just above the seams. Be careful not to get injured.

    Step 5: Attach the Hoop to the Sewing Machine With a Water-soluble Sheet

    • When the cutting process is completed, cover the hole positions with a water-soluble sheet using adhesive tape.

    • Then attach the hoop to the sewing machine, and start sewing.

    Step 6: Embroider the Cover Page Outline Part As "APPLIQUE MATERIAL"

    • Also, cover page outline part is sewn with "APPLIQUE MATERIAL".
      • We recommend that "APPLIQUE MATERIAL" be a similar color of the fabric.
      • In the figure below, we are sewing with a noticeable thread color to make it easy to understand.
    • For the illustration above, the water-soluble sheet is removed for clarity.
    • Please remove the sheet after the sewing is finished by melting it with water torn by hand.
    • When sewing is over, remove the hoop from the sewing machine, remove the fabric from the hoop, and cut with scissors along the seams.
    • Please remove lint cleanly by hands.

    Step 7: Embroider the Inner Page in the Same Way & Complete

    • If you do the inner page as well- Inner page could be made in the same way.
    • This is how you can make "Embroidery Book" with normal embroidery machine!



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