Emergency Battery Package and Desk Lamp




Sometimes your laptop computer, your lamp or even your car need to be powered and what you have are batteries only.

I have had the experience on using 20 AA batteries (packaged in 15V) to jump start my car.

In case of emergency, maybe you can power EVERY DEVICE which you MUST.

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Step 1: What You Need

what you need are very simple:

2.aluminum foil for cooking
4.bulb(for this example - desk lamp)
5.some chipboard cut from box

Step 2: Sticky Side UP

stick the tape to your table in this way with sticky side UP

Step 3: Stick the Batteries

line batteries together with ends up and down

Step 4: Tight the Batties

tight the batties as hard as you can by adding more tape

Step 5: Together

the batteries are in ONE package as what the voltage (here 12v) you need

Step 6: Aluminum Paper

cut some aluminum paper at the size of this

Step 7: Fold Twice

fold the paper twice into this size

Step 8: Cut in Size

cut them in size like that

Step 9: Place Them

place them under the battery package

Step 10: Fold and Tape

fold and tape them to one side of the battery

Step 11: Fold to the Other Side

fold them to the other side TIGHTLY and type them TIGHTLY
be sure TIGHTLY to make firm contect

Step 12: Connect the Other End

connect the other end of the battery like before
TIGHTLY please

Step 13: Battery Package Finished

the battery package is finished now and you can check the voltage by volt meter. But I don't think you could have one on emergency

Step 14: Type It Tightly

round type the battery package twice tightly to make the firmly contacts

Step 15: The Emergency Desk Lamp

now let's make the emergency desk lamp.
cut aluminum paper

Step 16: Fold Into These

fold them twice into these

Step 17: Cut the Chipboard

cut the chipboard into the shap you prefer for the lamp.
I just did them in straight.

Step 18: Type Wires

type the aluminum 'wires' on it

Step 19: Fold

fold the lamp body

Step 20: Sharp Cut

give the lamp body a sharp cut on bolding point

Step 21: After Cut

you could find out, sharp cut is for the connectors of the light bulb

Step 22: Cover

cover the unecessary 'wries' with type, only two narrow open on each side

Step 23: Shape the Other End

shape the other end of the lamp bady and attach it the the battery package as the lamp base

Step 24: Type Together

type the lamp body and base together

Step 25: The Very Important Step

this is the very important step.
type the lamp body on the NECK position firmly to get the bulb supportted there

Step 26: Put in the Bulb

put the connector of the bulb in along the folding body at neck position then turn bulb clockwise 90 degrees.
The bulb will be held there firmly.

Step 27: Get Ready for Wiring

get ready for wiring, just type the two ends of the aluminum 'wires' to the end of the battery package.

Step 28: Finished

finished. and the lamp is already shining up

Step 29: Front Look

the front look of your new emergency desk lamp

Step 30: The Rear Look

the rear look of it. it very stable on the table

Step 31: Easy to Take Anywhere

and it easy to take to anywhere

Step 32: Give a Try to Power Other Equipment

Please give a try to power other equipment please.

for my laptop,the package should be 20V,
grabe 14 AA batteries and fix it, I am sure you can...

Good luck being the hero in emergency!

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    22 Discussions


    2 years ago

    I love it both as an exercise ... esp. to show kids how things work ... & it would be terrific in a power cut. I have a few spare globes like this one, and always have aluminum foil in the kitchen & tape in the desk ... Clever idea. :) I don't have all those other parts that someone else mentioned they would have on hand.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    In the event I planned to have this many batteries on hand I also plan to have several battery holders and jumper wires on hand to be able to many voltages available easily,and quickly. A good exercise in improvisation though.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    An LED lamp is great idea. But if I am going to buy something to have in an emergency, I doubt it would be a $3 LED. The point of this seems to be "use what you have".


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    But what you will have in an emergency, is what you have planned to have on hand in an emergency. Have lamps, and spare batteries on hand, isn't really different than planning to have this many AA batteries on hand.  Planning on having to improvise is part of the plan as well




    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I did use it on car's battery once. Next when your battery is not fully dead and the startor can slowly run, only left the staror to car battey and other cable connect to your package battery...


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    i think that may of just been luck. the pack kept my laptop going for about 12 minutes. i powered it through the dc charger port tho not direct to the battery terminals as the regulator circuit is inside my laptop battery and the charger regulator is inside the laptop.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    it would work for a laptop...for only about 5 to ten minutes laptop batteries are about 5 amps the cells are about double the size of AA My AA battery pack compared to my Laptops battery pack makes it look like the AA is a mini version of the large one

    2 replies

    10 years ago on Step 2

    9v batteries stack easily w/o tape


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    the key point is to use thim in layers and press them firmly to make them into ONE wire. try to ford them more layers please


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Wouldn't this quickly drain your battery? I know my 12v desk lamps are all 50w, they don't sell others.