Emergency Candles



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You Need:

100% Cotton twine (Butcher's Twine works well)
Boric acid
5lbs of Soy Wax (makes 12 candles)
12 - 250 ml Canning Jars
White Glue

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Step 1: Making Wicks

Measure the depths of your containers and for a braided wick add about 4 inches to this measurement.

Cut 36 lengths of butcher's twine.

Soak the twine lengths in a mixture of:
3 Tblspns Boric Acid
2 Tblspns Salt
1-2 cups Warm water

for about an hour.

Allow them to dry and then braid together three pieces.

Step 2: The Wax

Melt a small amount of the soy wax flakes in a double boiler.

Soak the braided wicks in the wax mixture, feel free to dunk them multiple times until the wax has soaked into the wicks.

Using a wick holder and wick glue will make centering the wicks much easier for the next part...

use two wood skewers or chopsticks with elastics on the end (as shown in picture) to clamp the wick and hold it centered over the jar.

The key to a good long burning candle is a very centered wick.

Melt the remaining wax and pour it into the jars around the wicks. Recenter the wicks if they've shifted.

Allow to harden for 24 hours

Step 3: Labelling

Label Glue:
2 parts White Glue
1 Part Vinegar

Paint the glue onto the back of the labels and press onto the jars.

The attached pictures are the correct size for 250ml jars as long as you print from a graphics program like Fireworks/Photoshop that doesn't resize as it prints. 

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