Emergency Coffee Filter




Introduction: Emergency Coffee Filter

I came up with this when I ran out of coffee filters at the office. It's by no means a replacement, but you can woo the tired souls in a panic if they think they're doomed to a day without their caffeine fix with some simple folds in a paper towel.

Make sure that each of the folds is very clean and tight. This will keep the grounds from slipping past little nooks and crannies and ensure a good quality filter, much like the purpose-made ones.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I've done it with white, store-bought paper towels (as opposed to the brown institutional ones). Rinse them a couple times and squeeze them out to so they don't add any taste. You should be able to pick it apart fairly easily even if it's wet and wadded up. The damp towel will just lay nicely into the basket without any fuss. If there's corners sticking out, you can tuck them in. It doesn't affect the brewing process at all.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    No filters? It's time to make Swedish Coffee!