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I took off to the store last summer on my bike and just before rounding the corner at the end of the block what felt at first like a small bug got in my eye. It was so painful it forced me to come to a dead stop and use my bottled water to rinse my eyes for nearly 5 minutes. The pain subsided a little but didn't go away and by the time I returned from the store the entire white of my eye was bloodshot and the level of pain, itching and redness were getting even worse. looking back I think it must have been a drop of formic acid from a bee or wasp in the overhanging tree - a one in 10 million chance that it would hit me in the eye.

After about 30 minutes in the hospital under an eye wash device (not the most comfortable thing either) I recovered enough to leave. Eventually with the help of prescription eye medication the pain subsided and the redness slowly went away.

Here now is what I could have done had this instructables been around before rushing off to the store for an "emergency" can of ...err soda.


Step 1: Acquire a 3 Liter (or 2 Liter) Soda Bottle

Even a 2 liter bottle will do. This 3 liter one came from a supermarket which regularly stocks the 3 liter size.

Step 2: Cut Off the Top and Bottom.

I forgot to leave the label on as a cutting guide so my edges had to be trimmed quite a bit before I was done. Leave the label on and cut along both the top and bottom edge.

Step 3: Now Cut Open the Center "tube"

First put away the top and botom for other projects and then cut open the center "tube" along the glue line of the label. Cut straight from one end to the other to open up the tube.

Now you should have a self curling piece of clear PETE platic that will accomodate the pattern below.

Use grease pencil to draw the pattern and then cut it out with sizzors. You can use a hole punch or an ice pick to cut the small holes on the tabs that fit above and below the ears but be careful not to let it slip since PETE is awfully slippery.

Use paper clips and rubber bands or string to hold the shield in place and hop on your bike and head for the store to get a replacement bottle of soda!



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    3 years ago

    Do you have a picture of the final result?

    here's a thought spend $1,00 at the dollar store or Harbor freight and buy a pair of clear eye protection glasses. Fit, and work much better and you dont look like you are strange.


    10 years ago on Step 3

    Thank you !! I will be making a couple of these for my kids!!

    Thanks! I may use these next time I am working with wire...when you snip off small pieces of wire they fly off into unpredictable places.

    1 reply

    Yes, I work with wire too and I am familiar with the problem. Its really handy to have lots around so no matter what project you are doing you can always have eye protection from things like flying pieces of wire or household chemicals that splash in your eyes when you least expect it.

    Chris Biltonwatermelon

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Look no further, my daughter rustled up a green pair, great for indoors or out and cool for the serious croupier!

    C:\Documents and Settings\chris\My Documents\Work\My Pictures\Eye shields 2\Indoor Eye shield.jpg

    I don't want to break the camera, smear the lens, take your mind off the object of instruction, etc. Besides the eyedea here is to get you to make your own emergency face shield even if it is only to put on, look in the mirror and say: "Gee whiz, what a good looking girl or guy modeling that very reasonably priced emergency face shield to show that protecting eyes from small flying objects like insects is far more important than protecting their vanity."


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    ...until that cool blonde asks to borrow your $159.95 cool sunglasses to finish her cool strole down the beach.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    If they make you look cool then it will be $24 with the spare and you will need to think up a clever way to avoid the next encounter.

    and the chance of the next encounter is "a one in 10 million chance"... bit of a waste strapping a plastic bottle to your head for other 9,999,999 times i think to be honest!

    ...hey, I never thought of that; dual benefit and purpose... not only will it protect your eyes from flying insects but your wallet from cool looking girls or guys whatever your gender preference happens to be.