Emergency Fallout Bottle Cap Saver

Introduction: Emergency Fallout Bottle Cap Saver

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I've put together a simple project to make your own emergency Fallout piggy bank.

In the Fallout video game series, bottle caps are used as currency.

What better way to insure survival in the event of nuclear fallout than to make you own emergency bottle cap piggy bank saver!

This project is really simple to make.

Things you will need;

How I did it;

  • Print and cutout the template. I then glued to side of jar using PVA.
  • I painted the lid with a rust effect.
  • Using a sharpie I drew some cracks to make it look like damaged glass.
  • Filled with bottle caps.

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    4 years ago

    Going to make it right now! Great idea


    4 years ago

    ThAT Is COol I liKe iT