Emergency Fire Safety Sprinkler Using LM35 and LinkIt One

Introduction: Emergency Fire Safety Sprinkler Using LM35 and LinkIt One

What will you do when accidently your Home,Office,etc catches FIRE!!

Here's one solution to help control the Flame! So,Today We are going to Implement Emergency Fire Safety Sprinkler Using LM35 and LInkIt One board.

LM 35 gives Linear proportional output with High precision within a great range of -55'C to 150'C.

Step 1: Requirements

LinkIt One Board.

LM 35

Connecting wires(Female-to-Female)

Use Motor controlled pipe for Sprinkler through a 5V relay.

Note:Choose Motor such that less current is sinked through it and does not damage the relay

Step 2: Connections

LM35 with LinkIt One:




After these pin connections, Connect the remaining parts as shown in the diagram.

Step 3: Coding

Here's the code. Compile and Upload It and By doing so the emergency fire safety sprinkler is ready to RESCUE!!


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    Great design for a fire system. The LM35 sensors are small and cheap enough that you can put them all over the place.