Emergency Glasses Repair Using Sugru

Introduction: Emergency Glasses Repair Using Sugru

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Like many, I have worn glasses most of my life.  Several pairs have broken right at the point where the bridge meets the lens and thusly killed my glasses.  Having attempted to repair them at the store, they told me it was unrepairable.  You can't solder it because it would render the lens unusable.  You can't tape it because the wire just rips through the tape and the lens falls to the ground. So what to do if your glasses break and you are effectively without eyes?   Sugru to the rescue!  Using a few items from around your flat and some of the amazing material Sugru, you can make your glasses usable until you can get another pair.  

Step 1: Materials Required

In order to make this repair, you will need a few items.  Try not to bump into things while gathering them.

1)  Broken Glasses(I had actually just broken my glasses this way last month.  I threw them away about last month I'd say.  So the glasses I used for this -ible are a pair of stunt reading glasses that I bought at the dollar store.  Same principle however, they are broken in the exact way mine died.)

2) About 6 inches of Butcher Wire(or really any sort of clamp or other wire/twine/string you can find to hold the pieces together while the Sugru cures.)

3) 1 5g package of Sugru(Special thanks to Jane. for sending me a Smart Hacks Pack of the delightful Sugru.  That is 6 5g packs for anyone interested)

4) About an hour of downtime, which you have because your glasses are broken.  What are you going to do, read a book or watch some television?  

Step 2: Rejoin the Pieces

In Order to make this happen you must align the lens and the broken pieces together with your hands or a clamp.  Be careful to to further damage the glasses, unless you don't mind using more Sugru than you already have to that is.  My wife helped me keep them held together while  I tied the frame together with the lens in place. It is helpful to have a friend for this part but not necessary. You could totally just tie it yourself.  If you happen to have a clamp or vice of some sort that would work, just be sure not to crush the lens.

Step 3: Apply the Sugru

At this time your broken glasses should be securely tied or clamped together.  Open your 5g pack of Sugru and roll it into a ball.  You should definitely make sure the surface you use is clean and free of dust and what have you.  You should also wash your hands and dry them very well. I put it on an old plate.  After a quick clean up it didn't even stain.  My experience may not mirror yours as the package says it could stain, so be warned.

Anyway, one you have rolled it into a ball and worked it a little, just pinch a small piece off and start fixing!  The amount needed will vary depending on the location and type or break in the glasses.  You will have enough Sugru regardless, as even the largest of glasses could be partially encased in the 5g Sugru packet.  Just take the piece you pinched and work it onto the break like molding clay.  I wrapped it around the broken part and pressed onto the Sugru to press it together, then I got more and made another layer which I then compressed into the already compressed Sugru on the glasses.  Put enough on so that there is no part of the break showing.  I suggest 2-4 pinches worth.  Again, the actual amount will vary depending on many factors.  Just use your best judgement.

Step 4: Let It Cure

After you have what you think is a good amount on your break, go ahead and let the Sugru cure for about an hour.  The package says it starts the process after a half hour but I would wait an hour or maybe two if you have the time to ensure the strength of the fix.  An hour should be sufficient for hardening it enough to make it to get to your Eye Doctor or where ever you purchase your glasses from.  If you are short on cash and can't afford new glasses for awhile the Sugru should in theory hold until you can afford it.  If this is the case, may I suggest you be extra vigilant about neatness.  Since I didn't care about the looks of my glasses I wasn't as presentable about my fix, but it would be easy to make a cool design with the rest of the Sugru or smooth the patch out so it doesn't look so...obvious.  

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    LOL. I like the neo-nerd look substituting sugru for office tape.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    hey, nice hack.
    Have you had do do this on your real glasses yet ? or any other hacks since ?

    oh, just a quick tip, you have about 30 minutes working time but you should leave sugru overnight to cure fully.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    No, I only break my glasses about once every two years or so. As such I haven't had a chance to do any more experimenting or fine tuning. I'm glad you liked it. i have a few ideas for more Sugru works, but I am out and spend most of my time doing school work. Gracias on the props though.