Emergency Lights

Introduction: Emergency Lights

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Matches are a great way to start a fire when you don’t want to use torch or led lighting, but their short burn time makes them terrible when you just need a little light. Here’s a better idea: a matchstick box made with tiny matchsticks, In case of emergency use.

Required Items:-

  1. Crimp Tool (Wire Cutter)
  2. Glue Stick and Super Glue
  3. Matchbox
  4. Gel based Candle

This is a fairly simple process and its a good beginner DIY project. For this I am using a crimping tool (wire cutter), glue stick,super glue, matchbox and gel based candle, generally it went great and I am very happy, I hope you like this project.

Step 1: Things Required

These items are required for making this tiny emergency light.

Step 2: Cut the Match Sticks

Cut the Match stick with wire cutter, I'm Using crimping tool for cutting.

Step 3: Add Glue to Sticks

Adding glue and make a blocks of 4 sticks.

Step 4: Join All Pieces

Now join all pieces and make a rectangular like shape.

Step 5: Use Super Glue and Attach Matchbox and Gel Candle

On corner and gaps add super glue for better grip, and attach matchbox in front and candle on back side.

Step 6: Final Product

This is the emergency lights, I hope you like this project. Thanks!

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