Emergency Matchbox Sewing Kit

Introduction: Emergency Matchbox Sewing Kit

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A Boy Scout is always prepared and that includes being equipped to handle clothing emergencies. A small sewing kit can be tucked discreetly away in your pocket or bag for emergencies.This is just a very basic kit, don't be afraid to fill up every inch of whatever container you use for your mini sewing kit.

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Step 1: Match Box

Start with an empty match box. Decorate if you want.

Step 2: Pins & Needles

Stick a couple pins and needles on a piece of felt.

Step 3: Buttons

Buttons of various sizes are helpful in case you lose one.

Step 4: Matches & Thread

Matches are always helpful to have around. You never know when you'll need one. To save space, wrap a bunch of thread around the ends. Even if you end up needing to light the match, the non-burned portion of the stick is still usable.

Step 5: Safety Pins Etc.

Safety pins are another useful item to have in your emergency kit. Other items you may consider: tiny scissors, thimble, tiny measuring tape, glue, golf pencil, chalk, etc.

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