Emergency: Mini Bank

About: Mom of 3 precious homeschooled girls.

CAUTION: this project is mini!

Designed for a robbing incident..

Have fun with the project, that's at your own finger tips :)

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Step 1: Tools

To create this mini bank you'll need these items:

1. Chapstick

2. And of course Money (paper bill not coins :)

Step 2: How to Prepare a Container

Turn a bottom wheel of the Chapstick's holder. When the stick reaches the end, carefully grab the very bottom of it with two or three fingers and gently POP the balm out. When your Chapstick holder is empty, make sure you wipe the inside.

Step 3: How to Fold a Bill

After you finished wiping the inside of the holder, turn the bill in a half and then a quarter size for easy to roll. Make sure when you roll the bill, it has a hole in the middle, so it can fit into the holder.

The final product should look like a long wise stick or log.

Carefully place the bill into the holder, so you can at least be able to take it out.

Then put on the cap tightly. Make sure it won't come off.

Your new mini bank is ready for your pocket or bag. Now you can take it anywhere you want!!!


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