Emergency Money Belt.



About: I am an Computer Science engineering student . Love drawing ,doodling ,photography and creating new stuff .

Well lots of time, I forget my Wallet in My bag or at home and because of this habit I thought of some hidden space for emergency money and I realised it would be best if that the space must be in some daily wore items ( t-shirt/shoes,belt etc ). And so this Idea of Emergency Money in Belt occurred. Well it's quite easy and also convenient to make and to store money retrieve it back, Just follow the instructions.


Step 1: Supplies

You will need

1. A pair of scissors.

2. Thick Paper /Plastic sheet ( only small piece)

3. Buckle type belt

4 Tape.

5. Money ( off course :) ,preferable a single note of sufficient amount )

Step 2:

Cut the paper according to buckle's dimension . Check whether it fits inside properly or not.

Step 3:

Once the paper fits, tape the other end properly so that a pocket is created . Insert the money in case, if the money doesn't fits fold it little and than insert it now tape this end too.

Step 4: Final Step.

Tape the other end properly and also try to avoid too much tapes, as it may be visible on the buckle.(which won't look nice )

To retrieve the money back just cut or open the tape .



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