Emergency Pocket Candle

Introduction: Emergency Pocket Candle

Small self contained water tight candle with matches. Slip into your pocket or purse. Can be useful for emergency.

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Step 1: Assemble Supplies

Recycled my husbands metal water tight snuff containers. They have rubber gasket on lid and this makes them water tight to protect the snuff. I do not promote using smokeless tobacco but since my husband does, we have alot of these cans so instead of throwing the containers away, we made emergency candles. I also have used scented wax and tea lights. So we used what we had.

Step 2: Make Can to Melt Wax In

Took a clean dry cat food can and used pliers to bend the can on one side making a handle. The opposite side of the can we used the pliers to make a spout to pour the melted wax thru.

Step 3: Prepare Tea Light

Take 2 tea lights and remove the paper from around them. Some tea lights come in metal containers if so they pop out easily. Mine just had paper around them so I pulled that off and placed the tea lights inside of the snuff can.

Step 4: Use Extra Wax

I have used wax from my scentsy. They come in plastic containers and when the smell fades, I pour the wax back into the container to be used for another project.
For this project, I used 2 cubes.

Step 5: Melt Wax

Set the can on a heat source to melt the wax. We set the can on the burner of our stove and melted the wax with low heat. Use the pliers when touching the can because the can will be hot. Slowly pour the melted wax over and around the tea lights.

Step 6: Adjust Wicks

Make sure your wicks are upright and not completely covered or buried under wax. The wax sets up pretty quickly and if the wick is completely under wax, you won't be able to light it.

Step 7: Add a Book of Matches

Once the wax is set and it's cool. Add a book of matches and place the lid on top. Now you are ready to take the candle anywhere.

Step 8: Small and Compact

We made 3 candles in less than 5 minutes. They are small and compact so you can easily slip one in your pocket or purse. You can light one candle or both. We took what would have been trash and recycled it into something useful.

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