Emergency Tampon




A quick and easy diy tampon that will keep you leak free until you can get your hands on your feminine product of choice.

Despite the frequency of the feminine menstrual cycle, most ladies have found themselves without feminine products when they unexpectedly started their monthly period. First things first, you ask every female in the area if they happen to have a tampon on them. I have found however, that less women are using tampons (hormone regulation, diva cups, etc.) and are less likely to be carrying them around, so instead you'll need a way to improvise one on your own until you can find one.

NOTE: This is only a temporary solution, hence "Emergency Tampon". Toilet paper is not sturdy or absorbent enough and consequently will not work for a prolonged period of time.

Step 1: Toilet Paper


  • Toilet Paper

Luckily, all you need for this tampon is toilet paper which for the most part can be found in any public restroom.

Step 2: Tear Off

Tear off a piece of toilet paper that is a minimum of 6-8 squares long. The thinner the toilet paper the longer you'll want your strip of squares. You'd also like an even number of squares just so it's easier to fold in the next step.

Step 3: Folding

Begin by folding your length of toilet paper in half. Ideally, this is all done on a flat, clean surface. If you are in a bathroom stall, all of the folding steps can be done on your thigh. Flatten your two strips together, taking care to make sure the sides are lined up and there are not any wrinkles or creases along your strip.

Fold your length of toilet paper in half again. Your toilet paper should now be four sheets thick with both folds. Flatten and smooth out your toilet paper again.

Now for the third and final time, fold your length of toilet paper in half again. Flatten and smooth out your toilet paper.

Step 4: Roll 'er Up

You can start from either end. In this Instructable I began with the folded side, but it could be advantageous to start from the side with the layered ends so that they are neatly tucked away inside your roll.

Roll your layered toilet paper squares tightly and evenly until it is completely rolled up into a nice, compact roll.

Step 5: Keep It Tight

You'll have a loose edge on your finished product. If you are by a clean water source, you can secure the top end by wetting it slightly to get the edge to stick to the roll. If you are not by a clean water source, which is more likely the case, depress the loose edge with your index finger and be careful when you are inserting your emergency tampon.

Step 6: Done

You're done. Use your emergency tampon but remember that it is only a temporary solution. You will need to find other, more reliable feminine products.



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    7 Discussions


    Question 4 months ago on Step 6

    What if we just use like rolled up cloth and stick it there ?


    7 months ago on Step 6

    I use a rolled up pad cause it is absorbent and won't dissolve


    3 years ago

    I second what eatabagofrichards said. Toilet paper is designed for rapid breakdown upon contact with fluids (body fluids included). This aids with the treatment process when it reaches any facilities or just keeps waterways from being clogged with paper products. As a woman, my intuition screams "this could cause an infection". Otherwise, a very creative solution to a very common problem.

    2 replies

    Thank you for the comment Theheavydress! While it is possible for rapid breakdown with the toilet paper, this Instructable is designed for a last minute (temporary) fix just to get you to the closest store or tampon dispenser without leaking through your clothes in the process. The "emergency tampon" should never be left in place for too long my any means. Just lining your underwear with toilet paper is always another alternative as well!


    Reply 2 years ago

    If it is meant as an Emergency situation to just get you to the store or to the Tampon dispenser then why bother with all this rolling crap at all if you fold toilet paper up into a pad shape and pop it in your undies. Better still Bring your own paper with you because toilet paper in public restrooms are crawling with Fecal Coliform bacteria and I for one wouldn't put that inside my vagina.


    3 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great instructable, when we hike we carry toilet paper and have fellow hikers that had to do this a few times. We also have one friend that camps and hikes that carries an old wool sock to use as a sanitary pad if someone needs it. Like you said these are temporary solutions.

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    i've had to do this ~ ughh! .... x^b .... i'm going to remember the clean, old sock remedy, too! thanx for sharing, everyone :^D