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“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” – Mark Twain

Well said Mr Twain.

It’s the times that you don’t have any whiskey that you want it the most though! This emergency whisky kit will ensure that there’s always a little whiskey on hand. Included in the kit is a flask of good whiskey (life’s too short for the cheap stuff), a little cup, a knife (in case you feel the need to whittle) and a lighter. All the thing’s you’ll need to ensure you can enjoy a whiskey anywhere.

The kit is very simple to make and only takes a minimal of tools and skill. The end product though is very effective and would be fantastic as a gift for someone you know who loves a whiskey.

Step 1: Things to Gather


1. Hip flask - eBay

2. Vintage lighter (or maybe some matches) - eBay

3. Little cup – eBay

4. Small knife – eBay

5. Wooden cigar case – eBay

6. Small piece of thin cloth

7. Dense foam


1. Stanley knife

2. Hot glue

3. Super glue

4. Ruler

Step 2: Layout

The size of the hip flask you purchase will be determined by the size of the cigar case you get. Once you have all of the parts you’ll need to work out how everything will fit into the cigar case.


1. First cut out a piece of the foam so it fits snuggly into the cigar case. You don’t want it too tight as you will need to glue down some fabric later

2. Once you have the foam cut, you can use this as a template and decide where you are going to make the holes for the parts that go into the kit.

Step 3: Cutting the Foam

Once you have decided on a layout, you next have to cut out the foam.


1. Trace around the flask etc on the foam with a pencil

2. Next grab an exacto knife and Stanly knife and start to cut-out the area’s marked

3. When cutting the circle section out, take your time and use a small scaple type blade to cut away the foam.

3. Once you have cut-out all the sections, put the foam back into the cigar case and make sure that everything fits ok.

Tip - The knife and lighter that I used are quite thin. This meant that they both sunk too low into the foam and were hard to get out. To bring them up to the same level as the foam, I cut the foam that came out of the actual hole in half length ways and added this into the hole

Step 4: Gluing the Foam

Once you have cut out all of the shapes that you need, it's time to glue into place the foam


1. Add some all purpose glue to all around the foam.

2. Also add some glue to the corners to the cigar case as this will strengthen the box

3. Add the foam and let dry for 24 hours

4. Add the items back into the case and your done.

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1 year ago

Do you ask yourself "What would happen to me if I run out of whiskey in the middle of a party?", then this Instructable is for you my fine lady or gentleman ;)


1 year ago

what do u need lighter for in this kit?


4 years ago on Introduction

I love it. It would be awesome if you covered the foam with black velvet to give it a more lined look. Great Instructable!

2 replies

Reply 3 years ago

You can make pretty nice felt/velvet-look with 'flocking' - Woodcraft carries it, brand is Don-Jer I recall. I've used it quite successfully making a 'felt'-lined box for a custom wood-and-brass level I made as a gift. It's a 2-part product: you coat the thing-to-be-felt-coated with a glue/adhesive that's the same color as the flocking, then 'blow' a powdery mix of chopped felt fibers onto the glue with a simple cardboard-tube doodad they supply.

Thing is, you need to coat it onto something that can handle the glue. I don't think foam would work well, but I haven't tried it. I used MDF and cut it to the profile I needed - it worked beautifully.

Yeah I was going to do that originally but I kind of liked the finish of the foam so decided to keep it that way. would be pretty easy though to add some material to the inside to give it a lined finish.


4 years ago

Nice set up ???????????


4 years ago on Introduction

Great idea! I immediately thought of a modification based on my favorite libation... Substitute a strainer, mixing spoon nd small sugar cube box and fill the flask with Green absinthe. To really make it self contained, add a second flask of water.

1 reply

Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

Man - I love that idea! I don't mind indulging in some absinthe myself. You could also add a little glass to drink it out of.


4 years ago on Introduction

A cigar box! What a great idea. Too bad I don't smoke :-)


4 years ago on Introduction

...you have done it again lonesoulsurfer!...functional, rustic..but most of all cool with a capital "C".....will be putting this on my christmas wish list for Santa.xxx ps especially love the wooden box

1 reply