Emergency Button-battery Clip

Ever have one of those days when you get a circuit together on your breadboard and realize the only battery you have is a button battery and no battery holder?   So you break out your tape and start taping the wire to the battery.   Make an emergency battery clip instead!


Plastic clips (I got mine at the dollar store)
Wire (Thick enough so it stays in place when bent.  I'm using 22 guage)
Glue gun


Step 1: Drill the Holes

First you want to drill two holes in the clip. One on each side.

Step 2: Add the Wire

Run the wire through the holes and bend it up.  Allow clip to close to hold it in place.  

Step 3: Glue It

Now apply hot glue to the inside and outside of the clip so the wire stays in place.

Step 4: Test It

Now test it with a button cell battery. 



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