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This is my first instructable and I don't have a good english knowledge, so sorry for my bad english!

On this instructable I intend to show one of my creations, in other words the multifunctional flashlight, when I make it I don't took pictures and now everything are stuck with hot glue, but the schematic is simple.

Step 1: 1-Materials

- 1 cell phone battery;

- 40mm or bigger pvc pipe with at least 10cm of length;

- LEDs or some lamp arround 3,4V;

- 1 potentiometer (optional);

- 1 swith;

- wires;

- 1 output/input port (USB or something similar)

- some type of glue;

- if possible a soldering iron;

Step 2: 2-Making Things Easy

Disassemble the cell phone baterry and solder the wires to make easy the conection with the circuit.

If you don't have wires or you are in a apocalypse, pick a ethernet cable and disassemble him, you will foud eight colored wires, they are hard to solder but cheap and easy to find.

Follow the schematic above to make the circuit, if you are using LEDs, be careful to don't screw up them.

Stick the swith and the potentiometer on holes in the PVC pipe and the LEDs or lamps you can stick in some plastic, wood... sheet, in other words in something non-conductor material and easy to drill like a cheap CD cover.

Step 3: 3-Make Up Light

You will cut the sheet to fit in the pipe and drill holes in it, you can use a drill, screwdriver, knife or something in your's hand, then put the lights on the sheet and conect them in parallel, if your battery have a higher voltage, use a resistor in series with the swith to make this safe.

Step 4: 4-Testing This

If everything works, now you can make fire with the terminals of the battery, use to charge her or charge yiur cell phone or tablet, use to see on the dark and power some eletronics.

If sameone want, I can took more pictures of the flashlight and maybe make a video of your's uses!

Thanks for the attention and sorry again for my bad english!



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    This looks like a very handy flashlight. Thanks for sharing!