Emergency Handle

Introduction: Emergency Handle

I keep killing my hands on bags, sheet metal, plywood (I didn’t know you could get a 2” splinter in your palm); glass etc so I came up with this a handle without a bag.
Provides a convenient way of carrying heavy plastic bags or any sheet material without the typical problem of “mangled hands”. Use it to replace lost/worn luggage handles etc….

Step 1:

All you need is PVC, pipe foam and PVC adhesive ….
I used

PVC 1” diameter ,3 "  length

Pipe insulating Foam

Step 2:

Foam 1” diameter, Part Number sku 100284 from Home Depot   ~4 " long (don’t get the adhesive edged foam )
Then you need to cut the tube and the pipe (I made mine @ the TechShop) 

All it is , is a PVC pipe cut open from 90º -180º ( or in half) with a piece of foam glued around it (see above )

Step 3:

The PVC pipe cut open … I used a table router then filed and sanded around the corners. (If you go that way use the holder from Instructables)
I cut the foam with an extra inch in length more than the PVC.

Cut some foam off lengthwise so the bags or sheet material slide in easily ,then just glue them together

If you want something more durable you can try dipping it in the rubber coating compound used for refurbing tool handles.
The material in the center will grind off after a while . I tried covering with cloth and using hotmelt glue to hold inplace . I seems comfortable but looks like broken pieces of furniture .Ok they're functional  but ugly  - fugly ...

Remember to test the rubber compound first, put a drop on the foam and make sure it doesn’t melt, there’s a million different foam and coating formulas.

Do yourself a favor make a bunch you’ll leave them at the job site ….break them trying to set a pane glass etc …   or leave them in the shopping cart ….

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