Emergency Light

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for all moment you need ....the light....

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Step 1: Material:

one or two rechargeable lamp,two or three battery 3.7 volt/2200 Ah,a switch on/off,a connector female to receive

a charger 220/125 volt-4.5 volt,some pannell(plastic or wood),transparent pvc.

Step 2: Build a Case

i make a case with a transparent surface and i put all composant inside from the rear.

i connect all battery together,the switch and i closed all

Step 3: Finally....

i have 60 white led,6600mAh,two or three hours time charge,light 48 hours......

shure,if you have necessity,you can replace half or all led with infrared led for other application(night vision,night camera........).....

thank's to take a time to see my instructable...!!!

gud light...oups luke.......oufff....bonne chance... :)

PS: i use a charger 4.5 volt.use this limit charge when use lithium rechargeable battery without regulator.

bye bye from PARIS!!

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