Emergency Soldering Iron




Introduction: Emergency Soldering Iron

what you'l need:
- pliers preferebly needle tip
- a piece thin copper wire (solid network wire will do)
- a lighter

like so manny of us sometimes we are in a situation where we need to repair something but don't have our tools with us or the soldering iron just broke and you realy need or want to solder something this is what you can do.

step 1:
gather your supply's.

step 2 remove th insulation from your copper wire.

step 3: make a ball with the wire leaving about 1,5 cm on onside and 2 to 3 cm on the other end.

step 4: take the long end and pull it trou the centre.

step 5: pull the long end trou the top opening  on the front of the lighter then loop the end back to the bottom.

step 6: now "lock" the whole thing by clamping it on one of the sides of the haf ring on top en using plyers.

step 7: the last thing to do is to align the ball to the midle of the flame and the free piece of wire to the left or right of the lighter so you don't burn you fingers while soldering, enjoy.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    sorry if the spelling sucks, and sorry about the bad linking between pictures and the steps this was my first so please bear with it.