Emoji Fridge Magnets

In yet another attempt to reduce my scrap bin at least enough so that stuff stops falling out, I thought I would make some fridge magnets. Not just any magnets, but Emoji Magnets. Tell your better half how you feel every morning as you are grabbing your breakfast ;)


Step 1: I Used

I used whatever thin scrap I could find - in this case, some 1/4" maple ply and about 1/8" thick cutoffs from another project.

magnet sheets

aerosol adhesive

colour printouts of your favorite emojis properly sized for your scrap

Mod Podge sealer or spray polyurethane

Step 2: The "Build"

Pretty simple stuff, so I'll skip the boring parts. Spray glue on the wood and apply the printouts. Once the glue is dry, coat with sealer, polyurethane, etc. This protects the paper and makes it look more finished. Once the second coat sealer is dry, cut out and sand to shape. Spray glue on the backs and stick to the magnetic sheet (or peel and stick sheet) leaving enough room to run a knife. Cut out and trim, stick and enjoy. One thing I found was to make sure to get thick enough magnetic sheets. I bought the stuff that is meant to go through a inkjet printer. It is very thin and barely holds the emoji. I also used a sheet that was 0.02" thick and it seems to hold well. I currently have some 0.03" thick sheets ordered so I will update when they come in.



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    Penolopy Bulnick

    1 year ago

    Lots of fun ones! Which is your favorite emoji?