Emoji Keychain for 3d Printing of One or Two Colors With Mechanical Movement

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3d printing gets funny and difficult when you try to do mechanical movement in one-step printed object. Besides if you split the model in two colors the results will improve but also complexity will do because when there is two colors on same surface(for example emoji face) to avoid mixing colors you have to put holes(eyes and mouth) in model color that has not to be printed.

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Step 1: Emoji Keychain for 3d Printing of One or Two Colors With Mechanical Movement

We have tried to put together these challenges on this design.

-when you print it you will see there is a mechanical movement of inner emoji disc

-also you can take the benefit of two colors design if you have 2 extrusor 3d printer

The emoji keychain have focused on simplicity and to make something funny . With it you can show your mood to others or for example to suggest waiter an aditional beverage in a pub ;-)

Step 2: One Color 3d Print

you can use this file to print with one single extrusor

Step 3: 2 Color 3d Print

you can also use two extrusor printer with a better result

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    3 years ago

    cool :)


    3 years ago

    I like the double face!