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Introduction: Emperor's New Groove Kronk's Theme Music Lanyard

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It's almost Christmas!!! Yay!!! BUT.....I am so broke!!! So, I decided to make most of the gifts. My friend likes Emperor's New Groove (who doesnt??) and his favorite part is when Kronk is going to dump the Emperor llama and he is doing his own theme music as he goes, thus this project was born!

I knew I wanted to have Kronk and the theme music and I dunno how or why I thought of putting it on a lanyard, but anyhow, here is what I did:

First get the stuff you need:
material to make lanyard (about a 1/8 yard)
clippy thing( think its called aligator clip but not sure)
clip that detaches bottom from lanyard (I used overall clips cause I wanted to be different!)
needle and thread and scissors and sewing pins

gift card tin
drill, hammer, nail
wire, soldering gun, solder
power button switch
recordable greeting card
Emperor's New Groove Movie and way to watch it

paint, brushes
picture of Kronk
colored pencils, fabric puff paint
spray adhesive
clear coat spray


Main part:
1.To make the lanyard cut a strip of fabric to the length you desire with a width twice as wide as you want it.
2.Fold the fabric in half lengthwise so that the wrong side of it faces out. (inside out)
3.pin fabric in place and sew down the long side
4.Turn it inside out (which will make it right side out)
5.tuck the seams of the end inside and sew the ends shut
6. If desired, sew along all the edges to help it lay flat (mine was all poofy and I wanted it flat)
7. wrap it around your neck to make sure of the fit, then line up the ends one on top of the other
8. insert the ends into your chosen clip, then realign the ends against the lanyard on the back and pin down
9. Sew the ends to the lanyard

Detachable part:
1. cut a short stripof fabric. The width of mine varied, it tapered at the end so that it was small enough to go through my clip at the bottom. you can make it all one width if you prefer.
2. put the strip through the hole on the clip and then align the ends of the strip.The clip should hang at the bottom of the strip
3. begin on one side. Start at the clip and work your way up the strip turning the edges inside a little and sewing in place.
4. do the same on the other side
5. check the length and adjust if needed then turn the edges in on the end and sew in place.
6. If you picked a different clip, you need to put it on and sew in place like we did before, if you have the overall kind, just put the button on the end of the strip in the center.
7. connect button to overall clip and admire your awesome handywork

tin lid:
1. Get the gift card tin and mark where you want your button to go.
2. Make a hole in the tin large enough to fit the button snugly. I used a hammer and nail to make the hole and a drill to widen it.
3. test the fit of the button and adjust if needed. then remove the button
4. Paint the tin and let dry. I used black acrylic paint applied thickly.
5. take outside and spray on a coat of clear coat and let dry.
6. get your picture of Kronk and add more color with colorpencils if your printer sucks like mine, then add some accent color with the puff paint to give a texture and more vibrant look. Let it dry
7. Cut Kronk out carefully
8. work out the placement of Kronk on the now dry tin then spray the back of Kronk with adhesive and stick him on the tin.
9. Spray on another coat of clear coat and let dry.

10. Solder wires to the Pos and Neg legs of the button
11. insert button (wires first) through the hole in the tin

Tin bottom:
1 Cut a hole in the top edge of the tin centered near the back
2. Cut a hole in the bottom of the tin centered near the top (lined up with the hole on the top edge)
3. widen both holes until they are large enough for the clip to go through


1. Turn on the Emperor's New Groove movie and crank up the volume
2. Get to the part of the movie you want to record
3. Get the recordable greeting card out and follow the directions to record a message
4. check the recording and repeat until satisfied
5. carefully rip off the top layer of the card covering the electronics
6. observe how it works. There is a little strip of paper that is pulled when you open the card. When the tab is pulled, it allows the metal tab to make contact with the base of the board and the message begins to play.
7. when you understand the workings, carefully disengage the paper tab from the card base but leave it in place on the electronics
8. carefully cut the card around the electronics to remove the excess paper
9. observe again the workings and make sure all is still good
10. remove the paper tab
11. carefully, slightly bend back the metal tab so that it doesnt make contact and you can get to it easily
12. hold one wire of the power switch to the metal tab and the other wire to the base and press the button to test the workings
13. when the test is successful, solder the wires in place
14. cover the soldered areas with a tiny piece of electrical tape

1. Attach the lanyard to the back of the tin
2. Place all the electronics in the tin
3. put on the lid
4. push the button and enjoy the theme music :)

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is absolutely too cool. Added to my favorites.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    haha! thanks :) Are you an Emperor's New Groove Fan too?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    It was a fun movie. I am so glad to see you share you creativity with the world!


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    Thank you, its all your fault for showing me this site in the first place :)


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    I am willing to take all the blame and ride you coat tails. ;)