Empty Can Stove - Jinsi Ya Kutengeneza Jiko La Kopo La Soda




Introduction: Empty Can Stove - Jinsi Ya Kutengeneza Jiko La Kopo La Soda

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These instructions will show you how to build a stove that can be used for cooking from two empty cans.

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Step 1: Supplies Needed to Make Stove – Mahitaji

2 empty Aluminum Soda cans – kopo za soda 2

Box cutter/razor blade – kiwembe cha kukatia kopo

Scissors – mkasi

Thumb tack – pini

2 mm wide Nail – msumari wa upana wa 2mm

Marker/Pencil – kalamu/penseli

Ruler – rula

Block of Wood – kipande cha mbao

Step 2: Burner Holes

Mark bottom of one can and space evenly for 16 holes

Using Thumb tack press 16 evenly spaced holes

Using 2mm nail make 16 holes larger

Weka alama chini ya kopo moja kwa nafasi sawasawa kupima mashimo 16. Tumia pini kutoboa mashimo madogo 16 ulipoweka alama. Tumia msumari wa 2mm kupanua matobo yawe makubwa zaidi.

Step 3: Cut Out Center

Cut Center out of the bottom of the can using Box cutter or razor blade

Tumia wembe kukata kopo kwa chini katikati iwe na shimo.

Step 4: Cut Bottoms Off Both Cans

Cut the bottom of the can so that it’s 2 cm tall. This piece is the top of the stove. Hint: Using a block of wood with a razor blade set at 2 cm makes cuts straighter.

Using the same technique, cut the bottom of the other can so that it’s 3 cm tall using the Box Cutter. This piece is the bottom of the stove.

Kata chini ya kopo iwe na urefu wa 2 cm. Kipande hiki ndo jiko. Rahisisha kazi kwa kutumia kipande cha mbao kama kiengemeo kwa kulaza wembe na kupima 2 cm kusawazisha mstari ukikata.

Rudia tena hatua za juu kukata chini ya kopo jingine lakini kwa urefu wa 3 cm ukitumia wembe. Kipande hiki ni chini ya jiko.

Step 5: Cut Center Lining Insert

Using scissors cut the inner piece of the stove from one of the cans. This piece should be 4 cm tall. This needs to fit at the bottom of the stove on the inside groove of the can. On each end of the inner piece, place cuts on opposite sides so the piece can interlock and fit snug.

Kwa kutumia mkasi, kata kipande cha ndani cha jiko kwenye kopo moja. Kipande hiki kinapaswa kuwa na urefu wa 4 cm. Hichi kipande kinahitaji kutoshea chini ya jiko kwa ndani. Kwenye kila upande wa kipande cha ndani, kata mstari mkabala wa tofauti ili vipande viweze kuingiliana vizuri.

Step 6: Insert Liner

Using Scissors cut 2 evenly spaced sections that are 1 cm wide and 1 cm deep. Fold the aluminum section up against the wall. Place the inner section in the bottom of the stove with the cut sections facing down.

Kwa kutumia mkasi, kata sehemu 2 zilizopishana kwa nafasi sawa wa urefu wa 1 cm na kina 1 cm. Pinda sehemu ya alumini juu ya ukuta wa kopo. Weka sehemu ya ndani chini ya jiko, upande zilizokatwa ziangalie chini.

Step 7: Assemble Stove

Roll the top portion on a flat surface at an angle so you get a taper on this section of the can. Press the top down into the bottom portion of the stove so it fits snug.

Fill stove about ½ full with fuel. Light from the center of the stove. Place stove in larger can to protect from wind when cooking.

Zungusha sehemu ya juu kwenye meza ili iweze kuigandamiza kopo ikae vizuri. Bonyeza pia kwa juu ili iweze kukaa ziuri bila kusogeasogea kwa ndani.

Weka mafuta hadi ½. Washa moto kati katikati ya jiko. Weka jiko sehemu ambapo itakinga upepo wakati wa kuitumia.

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