Emrmmm...Jess?'s Strawbees Catapult



A quick how to for making a not very successful catapult using straws, Strawbees, stickers and elastic bands. Guaranteed fun!

Step 1: Make Plan

Draw up some ideas, like this one. Use a nice sharp pencil and measure lengths out.

Step 2: Pop Out Strawbees

Pop out all of the strawbees you need to use. Try not to bend them as they will lose rigidity.

Step 3: Begin to Build

Try to build.

The strawbees can be used in lots of different ways, as joints, joining pieces etc.

Step 4: Fail at Building, Take a Break.

So the designs on paper did not work and so rip them up in frustration. Have a little cry and take a break.

Make new designs based on the new knowledge that straws are bendy and this is more difficult than it first appears...

Step 5: The Final Thing

Have an epiphany about how you can make a magical ball flinging machine out of straws and Strawbees.

Resort to melting the plastic, or sticking everything together best you can with chopped up bits of stickers.

Don't trial this too much - everytime you do, it will weaken all the joins and straws etc.



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