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Do you love the look of enamel?

No time to wait for paint to dry and you don't have torch or kiln.

This Instructable is perfect for you. New product called Enamel-it, is perfect for so many applications including your next piece of jewelry, art or cosplay piece.

Metal washers never looked so good!!!

LITERALLY Changes states in-front of your eyes!

Works on Metal, wood, glass, paper and even some plastics. Whatever your base material is, if it can withstand temperatures of 400°F and is not easily bent, this product will give you fantastic semi-permanent finish.

Heating times vary. Please read Instructions on container.

High Gloss, Matte, Transparent, Pearl, Glittery, Glowing & Color changing. Say What?

Faster than watching paint dry and defiantly cost effective.

I love this stuff! You can layer, blend, even mix your own color combinations.

So, what the heck are you waiting for let’s get started!!!

Step 1: What You Need.

Project ideas

Enamel-it brand powders (Use as directed on package)

Project material (metal, paper, glass, plastic, wood, ceramic, stone)

Rubbing alcohol

Heat source (use only for art: hot plate, toaster oven, heat tool, electric skillet) works with any of these.

Old baking pans, spatula, tweezers, pliers, toothpicks, needle tool, etc. (used for handling hot items and design work)

Micro torch (optional)

Heat safe area to work

Small tub of water

Paper towels

Paint scraper

Dust mask (optional) Do not breath powder and be careful not to get burned.

Sheets of white paper

Sifter tool or empty glitter containers for sprinkling powder.

Stamps, stencils, metal or paper appliques, wire, decals, decorations, broken jewelry etc.

Findings for jewelry work.

Step 2: EZ Metal Pin Button.

Get the heat source turned on, we use a hot plate much easier to manage.

Turn on to 400°F. CAUTION

I love glow in the dark or color changing pigments and Enamel-it makes them too.

I wanted my disk to glow and utilize this cool skull decal that I have.( Rub-on decals look great just test first)

Take the metal badge (I took one and recycled it just cut the picture off the front to reveal the metal)

Wipe clean with alcohol to remove any oils or dirt. Put down the sheet of paper and then place the badge on the U-shaped holder (this keeps the powder from pooling around the object). Take the powder and dip in the sifter, now gradually sprinkle the whole surface of the metal. You are looking for an even coat (you can coat again after heating if you need more) That is the beauty of it all, you can make changes if you need to.

Just slide it off onto a metal scraper to transfer to the heat. Set it on the heat and watch it change before your eyes to this glass like finish.

LITERALLY SECONDS remove from heat onto old baking pan turned upside down. (Tip: if you are working on a surface that needs some protection from heat an old baking pan with holesin the side and turned upside down will help)

Cool completely.

Now just take the rub-on decal and place on the surface, rub well to get a good bond. Make sure you place all the remaining powder on the paper back into the container before going to another color.

Next put the pin back on the U and grab the clear Enamel-it. Sprinkle it all over the face and heat again.

Once it has melted and cooled you are ready to show it off.

This looks great with letters. Let’s make more!!!

Step 3: Metal Washers Never Looked So Good!!

Just like the steps before wipe the washer clean.

Choose your color combinations. The powder can create a solid background for lots of combinations.

This is just using the textured black and silver on one half and then pearl white on the other side.

We put one color on, then heat,cool and then apply next color. This helps keep areas crisp and separate, otherwise you can get blends just by dusting them together.

The texture appears after it starts to heat. I place a metal bar across a section. The applique piece is attached with the same powder or clear. The tube beads allow for necklace string to be threaded through.

That is, it!

The starfish piece is created the same just dusted with multiple colors.

Starfish is dusted with transparent blue so the metal shows through and a flat-back glass rhinestone is placed on top and a lite dust of clear then back on the heat for a second or two until melted and shiny. Finished

Lets keep it coming!

Step 4: Tropical Scenery

Use a die-cut metal piece for the pendant.

For this tropical gem, I used sunset colors and a negative of a palm tree made from a piece of vinyl for the mask.

If you have a metal, paper, glass or wood cutout of anything it can be coated and applied.

Just set everything up like before, dust the metal one color at a time for the sunset (be very careful not to disturb the colors as you add more) use a straight pin or toothpick to add a sun and white caps to the water area, transfer to the hot plate to melt. once removed from heat and completely cooled, apply vinyl mask.

Black was dusted on and slowly heated, cooled so I could pull the vinyl off.

You could use rubber stamps to create an indention and then fill with color if you like.

Be-careful using vinyl to mask when heated it will melt just let the black start to melt to stabilize it and the peel vinyl off.

Just think of the combinations. Great for School colors and team spirit items!

A little powder goes a long way.

Step 5: Die-Cut Paper Butterfly Pendant

Yep! Paper Quick way to add any shape to a solid stabilizing piece. Logo, Name, Silhouette, it's endless.

Prep washer. Apply your base color and heat.

Take card-stock paper and die-cut your shape. choose your Enamel-it and dust. Heat this piece (watch to make sure your paper doesn't burn)

Caution: Never leave anything unattended, especially when there is heat involved.

Dust a fine coat of clear onto the base piece and place the paper piece on top. Heat once more.

Add other decorations if you like and top off with a light dusting of clear and heat one final time. attach to your favorite necklace and you are in style your way!

Step 6: Oh the Wood!

Need to have that popular wood jewelry? Need it quick.

If the wood is dry you can make some stunning pieces. Use Caution !!!!

I heat my wood up first to help draw out any moisture. remove from the heat with your tweezers, let cool.

At this point it depends on what you want to do. I love the glow in the dark pieces of wood. Normally these are created using a 2-part resin and glow powders and take some time, even overnight to cure. Not ours.

Take the glowEnamel-itand dust onto the wood, getting into the crevices. Watch how thick it could bubble up when heating.

Heat the piece. One note if you use a toaster oven the heat disperses evenly but on a hot plate you may want to place a small baking pan over your project to spread the heat. This is just an option.

Now if you just want a gloss in the grooves you are good to go. But you can dust clear on top of the surface and heat this give you that all over gloss look. Layers can be done to achieve a thicker clear look.

The round slice is just clear with a metal guitar charm.

Step 7: Did You Say Mother of Pearl?

I love collecting bits of glass, shells, gemstones, rocks, metal gears etc. This process lets me quickly create using these items by themselves or together.

Same simple metal washer. You could use bottle caps, old jewelry pieces, whatever you want.

This piece was dusted in black for a base then after it cooled tiny pieces of colored mother of pearl were added.

A quick heat and then dusted with clear for final heat. Like 2 minutes’ tops’!

Not responsible for what or how you use any and all products! JUST be-safe!!

So there you have it! An easy fun way of adding a cool finish to lots of projects. A super activity for families.

Thank you and Peace ! J

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17 Discussions


2 years ago

This is so cool. I wish you would have a video to show me how it's done.

1 reply
The Juliartnatwork

Reply 2 years ago

Hi! Natwork,
Glad you liked it.
I am working on videos right now. I will be posting it on
Enamel-it.com. And .I will add it to this Instructable.
Thank you! It is very fun and universal.
The Juliart


2 years ago

I think the beach scene is my favorite! But they all look amazing! Great instructions! Thanks for sharing!

1 reply

2 years ago

I have been unsuccessful in locating it online, as well. The link provided does not take you to a site...just to an email. I would really love to purchase these enamels. I love the pieces you have created.

3 replies
The JuliartLibbyJ3

Reply 2 years ago

You are so welcome! Thank you for all you kind words! J

The JuliartLibbyJ3

Reply 2 years ago

Hi! All you do is send an email and they can call you. The website is under construction. In the process of packaging the product.
enamelit@yahho.com. Info

LibbyJ3The Juliart

Reply 2 years ago

Thanks so much! I Sent them an email and they have already responded. I can't wait to try them out and I'm excited that I discovered you! I love your work and the wide range of mediums that you work with. Thank you again!


2 years ago

I just did a search online for enamel-it, but I couldn't find the product online. Where did you find it?

1 reply
The Juliartclaireleah

Reply 2 years ago

You click the link in the Instructable it is Enamelit@yahoo.com
You can email and then you can get more info. It is going to market in a couple weeks. I tested it.
Thank you! J


2 years ago

You called this a new product but I have had this stuff in my basement for the last 20 years. Your brand may be new--mine is called enameling powder. The reason it has been there so long is that I had no idea that it was so easy to use. (Just to show you how long ago my dad bought the stuff, the price tag on the package is $2.24 for a box containing 6 different colors.)

3 replies
The Juliartmrsmerwin

Reply 2 years ago

Hi! When a company launches a product it is New . Please check to see if your powders require a torch or Kiln. There are powders that are called Enamels and yes they were and are still available. They are glass powders.

Just like there are enamel paints but they are waterbased.

If you have product like what I shared it is a simple test ,just take them and see if they melt at around 300-400 if not they are glass and need a kiln.

I refer to this in my opening statement.

Have fun! Thank you! J

mrsmerwinThe Juliart

Reply 2 years ago

According to the package, the idea temp is between 250 and 300. It says you can work on metal, glass, paper and wood. They are in little shaker bottles. The only thing I don't have is clear. I am going to try it soon. Your work is so beautiful and has inspired me.

The Juliartmrsmerwin

Reply 2 years ago

I think I remember those . We use to make sun catchers in our oven. They are plastic powders. You can still get them . I haven't seen fine powder in a long time,just the thicker stuff. This clear would require more heat so probably wouldn't work on top of yours.

Please post pictures I would love to see what you create.

Thank you for your kind words! Love J


2 years ago

Just a clarification. Did you use the powder to attach the metal tubes and the starfish? If so, are you sure they are attached securely?

1 reply
The Juliartmrsmerwin

Reply 2 years ago

Hello! you have several options. You will see that you add a little powder under the item and heat. You can dust a little clear over the top of everything and then wipe excess off of surface of the pieces.
If that doesn't do it for you then add some glue.
All my pieces are secured with the clear. No problem.
But please remember even in other jewelry or art making even glue doesn't always hold . Thank you! J