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Introduction: Encapsulated Memory Stick

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Here is how to create a cool style of memory stick. The electronics are well protected yet still visible. The memory stick is encapsulated in extra strong epoxy which dries to a rock solid clear finish.

You will need:
Araldite Precision extra strong or any other high quality 2 part epoxy.
A memory stick. I got a genuine 8Gb one here for £3.73. It was tested with h2testw.
A heat source. A halogen light or a heat gun will do.

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Step 1: Mix the Epoxy

You will need a decent amount. Put a blob of each part of the epoxy onto a card and mix it while holding the card over the heat source. This makes it very easy to mix and results in a better finish.

Step 2: Apply the Epoxy

Carefully coat all the components in epoxy. Do this away from the heat as it will be easier. Make sure that plenty is applied to the end with the plug to make it more reinforced.

Step 3: Heat Each Side

Use the heat source to heat the epoxy. This will remove most of the bubbles and let it flow in around all the components. The epoxy will also become clear as the bubbles disappear. You can apply the epoxy to the other side when the first side begins to harden. This will take about an hour if you keep it under the heat.

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