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Introduction: Encen's Animation Tutorial

Encen (me) Is hosting an Animation tutorial, or anime for meI use a scanner, but I'll tell you what you can do if you are without one. This tutorial should help you make an animation, or something of the sort. I made this for poeple who would like to know MY way for animating, so please no crap saying "Thats not how you do IT!" or "This is a lame excuse for a tutorial" , mainly because It is in a way, A GOOD WAY.

Step 1: Materials

Unfortunately all I have i a scanner, I lost my camera _. Any who, the first part of my tutorial is the gathering of materials. the materials include:
White Paper not lined, beacause Its just more annoying to animate,
pencil, pen,
A movie maker ( I use windows movie maker, not good but I does the trick) you can use others, they might be a lot easier
a editing program such as GIMP, or photo shop ( I use GIMP, because its easier to use, and its free)
and you can use other crud too.
Don't forget the magic (just kidding).
The picture might help, wait let me rephrase that, the Horribly drawn picture might help.
Once you have all the Materials, lets move on....

Step 2: Starting the Animation: Backround

Okay take you paper and pencils ready... Its time to start!
Okay now that you have your pencil, or pen, and paper its time to start the drawing.
Okay first draw a background the size of about that square [Pic 1] (you can make this as big as you want next time but let's draw something small first). Okay, lets make a background first. I'll make mine somewhat like a sunny meadow with a bottle of water [Pic 2]? sure, why not. Remember you can do anything you want in animation. Your own Imagination, I however, and very imaginative, at least I think I am... Now you can make this animation in color, or not. You can either color on paper then scan it, or color it on the computer, or not at all. On to next step...

Step 3: First Life... or Not!

Okay now since we did the easy part, drawing the background, we get to do something a little more fun.... THE FIRST LIFE, or character in this little animation. draw yours right below the background square [pic 1]. I draw in anime, or manga styled. For those who do not know what that is.... Its is a Japanese form of drawing. Draw whatever style you want though. Draw him/her/it facing to the right.
Remember when drawing your character or animation make it sync with everybody and thing around it, If you make one thing larger than another, and its not on purpose, then that's bad. on to the next step...

Step 4: Hey! Move Your Character!

Okay, you have you character? now think about what they are going to do in your animation. In this one I'm gonna make him shoot an arrow. Alrighty then, now draw another image of your character same everything, except him moving, or changing emotions, you can actualy leave part of the body, that doesn't change [pic1]. I'm gonna make him get out a bow now. [Pic 1] Okay now he has his bow out, now what? How 'bout he shoots an arrow? I like that Idea. Now make another set of peeps, that show him shooting the arrow [pic 2]. If you make a projectile, you can take that one projectile and use it as one animation if its only job is to move, If it changes then that's a different story, then you need to make different animations for them. If i wanted him to put them away then I can reverse the taking out, or make a new animation If I wanted something different.. Okay I've got my animation scheme on to the next step....

Step 5: I've Got My Animation Now What?

Now to scan It [pic 1], unless you've done the same thing except with a mouse on the computer. Now its time to ANIMATE. I'm currently using the GIMP program for this. I open up my page that has animations on it then open it up to GIMP( I made my background transparent little more advanced, but If you work with it enough you'll get it), and then open a new window about 840 by 600 is what the size I used. [pic 2] Now we have a main base on the computer. Good now, make a new folder on your desktop, name it anything you want, I'll name mine 'Animation 1'. Okay now save that picture you made in that new file. Next step....

Step 6: Getcha Move On!

Okay, now we have everything we need, now we just need to put it into animation frame by frame. The video should help... Okay all finished [pic 1] now all you have to do is import all of the files into windows media player...Okay after editing it up, and using effects like speed up, I have finally finished my tutorial, and published my video. Here is my Video Below, and my first video. They are VERY short, but in time anybody can get better. And yes there is one more step...

Step 7: Other

Okay, I want to say thanks for spending the time to get to this step, hope it helped, and this was one way of animating, hopefully you can use this tutorial and make cool videos. :) Send me some videos that you made from reading this tutorial. This was also my FIRST tutorial ever so..... yeah.... any who, hope you liked it. The download link for GIMP is... .http://www.gimp.org/downloads/
VERY good program useful for many things. well night, and peace out!

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    GIMP is not easier to use. when you learn the software, Photoshop is so much more user friendly. GIMP's only advantage is that it is free.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    that guy looks exactly like me, no joke. i even have the rectangular body. i also draw my doodles like that


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Oh yeah do you have any other animations you would like to share, your animations are awsome.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    why do you think that you are going to be criticised by people saying that this is not the right way? Good enough. I give it a 4/5


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Well as unfortunate as it is, people think one way is the ONLY way. I've faced things like this many, many, many times before...kinda makes me think -_-