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Introduction: Enchanted Mushrooms Salad

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So cute is it.
I do always when I want surprise someone on a Dinner :D
It looks cool and everybody like it.

Step 1: Ingredients:

- Purple lettuce
- Cherry tomatoes
- Tartar Sauce
- Quail eggs

Step 2: Preparing:

- Cook the eggs for 10 minutes
- Them put them in a bowl with water and ice

- Peel each them.

Step 3: ...

- Cut the tomatoes and the lettuce

Step 4: Fill the Eggs

- mix the yolk with the Tart sauce
and fill the eggs

Step 5: ...

- take a piece of tomatoes and put on the eggs together :P 
- drip drops of sauce on the tomatoes to decorate

Step 6: Enjoing :


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    thanks dear.
    Something like it I'm going to make for the Play with food contest ;)

    peckLaurus is a friend from brazil too.. he said I could win the egg bot contest :P
    But I didn't .
    kiss kiss
    bang bang

    if you have a way for making the balls. why not.
    And I think , it would taste much better with cheese .

    I belong to the local mushroom club, and they end the year every fall with a potluck. This would be a great thing to show off and eat.

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    These are adorable! I will be making some if I can. We have contest overload here. But great fun huh?

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    What is purple lettuce? I've never seen that at the market before.. is it the same as Red Leaf Lettuce?

    How does purple lettuce taste compared to romaine, red leaf, etc?