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My enchanted rosemary oil is hand crafted under the moonlight of Selene - Goddess of the Moon. My Enchanted Rosemary is a combination of sweet almond carrier oil blended with rosemary pure essential oil. Infused with my loving and healing intent, along with dried rosemary.

Rosemary clears the mind & improves concentration, mental fatigue, muscle aches, hair loss.
Just taking a whiff of it surrounds me in happiness and contentment. I often rub a bit on my temples and wrists before going out for job interviews.

Rosemary is a loving herb. It works against depression, sadness, disinfecting around the house. It has a wonderful scent. Clears the senses and mind to leave you renewed and energy replenished. Since rosemary is good for improving blood circulation. 

In a candle lit diffuser mix a couple of drops in with water. Perfect for ritual workings, annointing candles and ritual tools...

While rosemary oil helps with memory. It is perfect to rub on the temples while studying.

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    Could you perhaps post sources for the uses of Rosemary oil? And Almond oil as well, if you feel like it. I do not doubt you, simply, I want to study it thoroughly to use in the future.

    Thank you, and Blessed Be!