Endangered Flying Shark Desk Sculpture

Introduction: Endangered Flying Shark Desk Sculpture

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This piece is our entry into the MyMiniFactory endangered species competition. If you like the design please go to
to download the free STL files. Every download counts as a vote.

Thank You for your Support

This sculpture was inspired by an image of a flying Great White Shark that is native to Seal island in South Africa.
It is the only place on earth where one can witnessing a one ton shark flying out of the water.

A now you can capture this moment of raw power and agility of this majestic killing machine by printing this sculpture for your desktop.

See the great white burst out of your table top, or perhaps use it as a wall sculpture.

This desktop sculpture is printed in two parts, the Shark and the Water splash, both with supports turned on and glued together.

Two versions are featured in this thing.
The Green version printed by myminifactory themselves at .25mm layer.

The colored version printed by us is not painted but uses two different colored filaments grey filament for the shark and blue for the water.

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    5 years ago

    Very cool !


    6 years ago

    Maybe you could use your app to separate the white part and the grey part into two snap-together pieces.