Endless Cold Brewed Iced Coffee!

Introduction: Endless Cold Brewed Iced Coffee!

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TLDR; See photo.


  • 2 x 1L / 1Qt / large take-out soup containers w lids
  • 1 x 'gold filter' fine metal mesh coffee filter or small plastic cone & paper filter (optional)
  • Coffee Beans & Grinder

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Step 1: Grind Your Beans!

75ml (1/3 cup) of ground coffee beans makes about 1 liter / 1 quart of delicious cold brewed coffee. You can also make it double-strength as shown

I highly suggest grinding your own whole beans as you use them. The best way to grind them is by hand, bean by bean, with a traditional petrified Himalayan cat dung mortar and pestle.

If your local grocery store is out, a regular grinder will suffice.

Step 2: Grab a Large Container

  1. Put the ground beans into one container.
  2. Fill the container with cold water, seal with lid.
  3. Swirl the large container until the grounds and water are nicely mixed.
  4. Put in fridge overnight, swirling occasionally.

Step 3: Wait Until 1pm

... the next day.

(Gotta do what the icon says...)

Step 4: Strain Your Cold Brew!

Grab the other (empty) container, put in the filter cone, and marvel at how perfectly it fits.

Pour your delicious slurry into the empty container.*


* You can do this with NO FILTER at all if you let the grinds settle to bottom and pour carefully.

Step 5: Remove the Filter

...and pour yourself a glass over ice!


Wait, what about the 'endless thingy' you ask?

Take the NOW EMPTY large container, rinse it out, put in fresh ground beans...


... and REPEAT!


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