Energy Efficient Electric Amphibious Vehicles



Alan Larsen - 6/22/1960
The #1 Problem today is the oil crisis. Our cars cost too much to run and they are ruining the enviroment. Normal electric cars are cheap to run but expensive up front and the gas you save wont make the car pay for itself, the battery life also is not near enough to get the average person to where they need to go. Hybrid Electric Vehicles also usually only get about a third better gas milage than a normal car today. We need to find a solution soon or the world will find itself without a reasonable way of transportation. I think I have found a solution. With a series of generators I have designed throughout the car and an aerodynamic shape the car and the riders will power the car by itself to run longer than ever before. Cars would be smarter and have more features, they would have less moving parts to allow lower meintenance cost, and they could be more versatile to allow being an amphibious vehicle. Cars could drive from land straight into water simply by the shift of a gear. 


My dream is to create energy efficient electric amphibious vehicles with technology to make them run longer, faster and more efficiently. How? Well, I will start with a basic electric go cart for prototypes then for a longer battery life a trash (or anything burnable) generator through pressurized air, collapsible Handlebars and the steering wheel will act as pumping generators . Solar panels on top will help recharge batteries. I may also try a wind generator in the testing phase. To be an amphibious vehicle there will be air tubes on the bottom of the vehicle and a gear system from the motor to provide a propellor to the back for water travel. After feedback from the public, other instructables, and science fairs I hope to create a small line of energy efficient electric transportation. then later on, a full scale car and green technology company for the cars of the future.
So, I am not 21, but my Dad is. He is an electrical engineer, businessman and founder and CEO of a small software company. He will be overlooking the project and helping with the electronics and the building of it. I have spent hours of research, reading, and  learning new skills to prepare for when I can execute my design, but have never been able to get the money. So please, help me and my dad accomplish my dream



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