Energy Efficient Multipurpose Home Made Humidifier, Nebulizer, Room Heater




Introduction: Energy Efficient Multipurpose Home Made Humidifier, Nebulizer, Room Heater


Home Made, Energy Efficient Room Heater, Humidifier, Nebulizer using a regular Induction Stove & Indian Idly Cooker (or any steel vessel).

Required materials:

1.) A standard Induction Stove (Cook top) Portable one.

2.) Indian Idly Cooker or any suitable vessel

3.) Water.

4.) Eucalyptus oil or Karvol Plus (Indian Brand medicine) - Required only for Nebulizer option.

In Picture: 1.) a cheap 20$ USD Induction stove, 2.) Indian Idly Cooker & 3.) Karvol Plus (Indian Brand medicine)

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Step 1: Procedure:

Connect the Induction Stove in safe location.

Keep the vessel (or Indian Idly Cooker) filled with approximately 350 ml of water.

Set the induction stove for a temperature setting more than 100 Degrees C, so that the water boils.

Close the lid & keep only the vent valve open.

TIP: If you don’t find Indian Idly cooker, take any steel vessel with proper air tight lid and make a small hole of about 10mm.

Within few minutes, the steam will start coming out of the vent as seen in the 2nd picture.

For Nebulizer use, after getting sufficient amount of steam, stop the stove and wait for few seconds until the steam stops. Now add the Karvol Plus Capsule or Eucalyptus oil or even Vicks or your favorite similar medicine through the hole / vent valve & then again start the stove. Now you can directly try to inhale the steam mixture with this Eucalyptus oil. This will help in re-leaving you from head ach, nasal congestion (Because of low temperature)& common cold. In picture 3, you can see me using it as a Nebulizer. You might need to adjust the distance between you and the steam jet to get a bearable temperature by you. The closer you go, hotter it will be. Take proper care, else you might get heat burns. You may use if for facials or even before shaving if you do, this will soften the beard but apply coconut oil on your face before steaming for better results.

CAUTION: Keep it away from kids.

For Room Heater option: Typically in my place (Hyderabad India) the lowest temperature this year is 12 degrees C. With about 20 minutes of the above setup on and with roof fan running at the lowest speed we could have a comfortable sleep. Some times, I need to turn on this again at 3 AM or so.

Well, wonder how this works? Its simple, we humans sense temperature as combination of actual temperature, humidity and wind velocity. So here we are playing with the humidity and wind velocity. Actually the fan is used to agitate the air so that the moisture(from the steam) wont get condensed on the walls or window glasses.

CAUTION: Make sure that you have enough water in the vessel, else you might melt the vessel it self. It can turn into red hot and might damage the stove too and cause electric shock to the near by people. Please take care and operate it in a safe spot.

PS: I have been using it for few years. Many of my friends and family has benefited from this. They insisted me to share this with the rest of the world.Hence sharing it with you :)

Any comments, suggestions welcome !

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    your post is very nice, if posible, then share its circuit & Coil pictures


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    This is of the shelf item. In India its called as induction stove. In USA its induction cook top. If you want to build one by your self, the you may Google for induction cook top reference design. From microchip, Analog devices they are available. But keep in mind it would be much more expensive to build one rather than buying one.