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simple energy recovery sistem using solar panels and led ( without batteries )

Solar panels generally consisting of two layers of silicon - semiconcuctor material and a separation layer, are wired together and assembled into panels or modules.

Step 1: Simple Energy Recovery System

A LED light is capable of being powered by a single low-voltage solar panel.

with this simple system you can recover energy.


Step 2: Materials :

1.led (from a wasted led bulb)

2.solar panels

3. wires

Step 3: Operations :

1. cut a led from a wasted led bulb

2. connect wires between the solar panels and led

Wrap the positive solar panel wire around the positive terminal from the LED.
Wrap the negative solar panel wire around the negative LED terminal

3. Place the solar panel in a source of bright

(The light source shall illuminate the camera if there is no sun light in the room)

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sciencetoolbarTsu Dho Nimh

Reply 1 year ago

The light source shall illuminate the camera if there is no natural light in the room


1 year ago

I'm a bit confused, how is this energy recovery? Is the point just to show that a solar panel produces electricity? Or am I missing something?