Energy Saver for Your Water Heater / Geyser




Introduction: Energy Saver for Your Water Heater / Geyser


A simple & effective way to reduce your Power Consumption for your water heater / Geyser.

Typically all modern buildings have the Aerator / fizzer installed in the Taps, which gives a foamy water.


•Prevent splashing

•Shaping the water stream coming out of the faucet spout

•Water conservation and reduction in energy costs

•Reducing faucet noise

•Uses less water

•Increases the dissolved Oxygen %, for quicker Oxidation of Dirt


•Takes 30-60% longer time to Fill the same Quantity of water

(depends upon the flow rate & Pressure)

•Hot water Temperature drops very quickly because of large quantity of air mixture

Let us remove only the Aerator and see what happens!

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Step 1: Remove the Aerator

Please use a proper Tool suitable for your tap and remove only the Aerator alone as shown in this image.

Step 2: Result:

Now, the aerator is removed.Any guess on power saving ?

Yes ! Its 30-40% on your energy bill(On colder days)!

Why & How is it possible ?

The rate of loss of temperature is exponentially proportional to the difference in Temperature i.e, Water Temp vs Ambient Air. Since the exposure to air is reduced, the water stays hotter & lesser amount of hot water is used.

To make it easy to understand, compare it with a Steam Frother of a coffee maker. Here the steam mixed with air goes inside the coffee & its surface area of contact with the coffee is increased. Hence it heats the Coffee faster.

In our case the same thing is happening, but in reverse. i.e., instead of heating, cooling of the hot water happens.

Since energy saved is energy produced, filling this tips under the category of Energy.

Please feel free to share your comments & do vote for this.

Thanks for your time. Happy DIYing :)

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    5 Discussions

    Good research. How did you get this idea? Also how did you teach a sasquatch to use a wrench?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks. Yes, I used to wonder why electricity bill goes higher between my previous house and the current, even though I have the same appliances. Then started measuring each of them. ( PS, we don't have smart metering yet in India) with multimeter. Found that we are running the heater for longer duration, even though the new water is less salty.
    I removed it for cleaning assuming that it could be because of salt deposit in heating element. Realized the water is much hotter than the tap one. Bingo! Got the culprit.

    The wrench is used to remove only the aerator tip. Not the whole tap/ pipe. Will try to get a better photo soon.

    The Rubber Duck
    The Rubber Duck

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I also have electrical water heating for the time being and the cost is higher then I would like. I am not in a region with a low # of sunny days that makes a solar water heater not benefiting. So I'll give this a try


    5 years ago

    if you submerge the output no air is drawn in at the side of the spout. and nothing needs to be removed...

    a rubber tube over the spout prevents new air coming in. so all remaining air in the system gets pushed out within a few seconds. and the century now can only aerate the water with water. no more air. pull off the tube an aerator is in airmode again.
    just be sure the complete rubber tube is filled with water. a flexible one works best and doesn't need to be long...