Energy Transfer With Two Tesla Coils




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With these Tesla coils, you can light a led connected to a single wire

The energy is transferred to right from the left antenna.

  • The signal generator is plugged on black right coil (right antenna).
  • On the 2 antennas, energy is transferred by induction between black coil and red coil
  • Both red coils are joined by a single wire
  • Energy is transferred when the two antennas are in resonance

This project is based on Nikolas Tesla's research. I reproduced two Tesla flat coils, each surmounted by a sphere-shaped antenna, and connected to the ground. The device is shown above in the patent filed by Tesla in 1900 "apparatus for transmission of electrical energy". The realized device is a transmitter / receiver that transfers energy through longitudinal waves, also called "scalar waves".

For more scientific informations, see step 7.

Step 1: the Amazing Scalar Waves

  • When the receiver goes into resonance, we see on this video at the same time the leftled turn on, and right led is off.
  • When I bring the hand closer to the sphere of the receiver, the led gradually extends. The radiation of my hand disrupts the resonance of the receiver.
  • In the second video, despite the two metal cages, the receiver led on the left continues to operate without being disturbed buy Faraday cages.

  • The resonance takes place on the video, with a sinusoidal pulse of 6 volts at 9.3 MHz.
  • The resonance frequency will change, depending on the spacing of the antennas and the number of turns of the coil.
  • On this assembly, the red coil has 30 turns and the black 5.
  • On the first video, the antennas are spaced 15 cm, on the second 25 cm.

I translated the subtitles of the video into English, you can turn them in English.

Step 2: You Will Need...

Step 3: Make the Black Flat Coil

Make black flat coil around A and B supports

  1. Pinch the black wire on "B support"
  2. On the other side, pinch it into the groove
  3. Slot firmly "A support " with "B support"
  4. Wrap slowly 5 winding counterclockwise

Step 4: Make the Red Flat Coil

  1. Slot "C support" on the A and B support
  2. Slot "sphere support" on the stack of 3 parts, to block them.
  3. Wrap slowly red wire counterclockwise. There are approximately 30 winding, you'll need 5 meters of wire.
  4. Clip black wires on the fist slot of wago connector.
  5. Clip LED on the second slot of connector. Push the wires into the grooves
  6. Pinch red wire on "A support" tube

Step 5: Plug Spheres and Antennas Together

  1. Past red wire on sphere whith patafix
  2. Connect a wago connector on red wire
  3. Connect two antennas with a wago connector
  4. Cut the BNC 3G wire in 2 parts, connect on wago connector int the third slot. (note: a BNC wire is solded with DDS Signal Generator)

Step 6: The 4 STL Files

You have the 4 parts here. Use a 3D printer to make them. I used PLA without support.

You can find also my projet @thingiverse

Step 7: To Go Further...

I developed this model from the research of Nikola Tesla and the Professor Konstantin Meyl. Mr Meyl has studied scalar waves since 1990. You can find his books, publications, videos and devices from his site

The behavior of scalar waves with a Faraday cage is described in his publications.

Pr Meyl made a demonstrator with small electric boat which moves using the wireless transmission of power. The ground wire in water is connected to boat and secondary emitter. The primary emitter is outside water with the signal generator. The video



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    6 Discussions


    4 weeks ago

    If the tesla coils were grounded to earth, how far could they go, and would it depend on their frequency?


    4 months ago

    Is this possible to do without the need of a ground wire between them, thus transmitter can be miles from the receiver and it still works? Thanks!

    3 replies

    Reply 3 months ago

    It is necessary that there can be a link between the 2 coils. we use here a ground wire. Nikolas Tesla linked his transmitter and receiver towers by the ground. This requires power and a large installation.

    Reply 3 months ago

    Alright, thanks. It’s just I’m trying to replicate the experiment done by Meyl where he powered planes using scalar waves


    4 months ago

    Very interesting project!