Energy Balls

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Sports gels can really help you get back your energy but they can be very expensive sometime and their taste is not so yummy. Here is the replacement for you!! these simple to make and very cheap energy balls will energize you and return your: energy, vitamins, ,minerals and will also taste good.

Step 1: Materials

-200gr Dates

-1 Lemon

-200gr Coconut powder

-2 Spoons Chia

-1 Spoon tahini

- 4 Spoons nuts

- 2 Spoons Quaker

-Food proccesor


Step 2: Grinding

Take the pits out of the dates and put them in the food processor than add everything else but the coconut powder and the lemon. Wash the lemon, then use the grate to grate it into the bowl, pour the grated stuff into the processor cut the lemon into two pieces and squeeze both in too.

Now grind it, my food processor doesn't have enough power so I used another one.

Step 3: Shaping

Now, take small amounts of the mixture and shape it into balls, then dip them in the coconut powder.

Put those into a plastic box and let them cool in the fridge.

Now, taste them and tell me what you think :P.

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Step 4: That's It

I hope you enjoyed this guide, if you have any questions I will answer them happily.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Errr, guessing author is not from USA given measurements. Guess I could look up conversion for "200gr", but is "spoons" equal to teaspoons or tablespoons???

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago

    Yeah, by spoons I meant tablespoons.

    This is interesting. I will have to try it this summer when I am outdoors a lot. Since you're using the food processor, you can make the tahini at home.

    The energy "gels", if you mean the same thing as are common to cyclists and runners (GU, PowerGel, etc), usually have a brown rice syrup in them. This may be the flavor that you object to. If you are very hungry it tastes better, but they are sold for performance aids more than taste.

    Energy aid products have come a long way since the original PowerBars (I call them PowerBarfs). hahaha. What a cool idea to make home-made products. I usually just have rice crispy style treats or trail mix when I don't need gels or "energy bars/drinks".

    1 reply
    crashzoomYard Sale Dale

    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks for you comment, like I said before the gels are expensive and although the taste is not their purpose it is always better if it's taste better, another thing about the price, these home made energy balls are much cheaper