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With a wife, 3 kids, myself, and company vehicle, I do lots of vehicle maintenance each month.   It is a pity that every vehicle uses different air and oil filter, as well as varied amounts of oil.  Of course each has a different sized oil plug.   The spark plug types are different, so are pcv valves, bulbs, etc.   I prefer a quick reference rather than having to search through the owners and repair manuals each time.    With 6 vehicles, I can never remember from one to the next.   Nothing is more frustrating than to crawl under a vehicle with the wrong sized socket for the drain plug etc.   I have gotten around this by taking a sharpie and writing reminders on the engine shrouds or on the underside of the hood, etc.   Never again will I look at the 3 new filters on the shelf and wonder if one goes into this car.   Never again will I crawl under the car with the wrong socket for the drain plug.

Simple, huh?

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Excellent idea which will save me some time! Sort of like having your own specification sticker in the door jamb. I'll be implementing this soon. Fortunately, I've got some really cool metallic sharpies that do a good job marking on black plastic. I knew I'd get a chance to use those at some time....


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great minds think alike! I do the same thing on my vehicles, but color code the bolts with metal marking pens as I remove them for maintenence. I also put the following legend on the radiator cradle under the hood:
    1 Red dot = 10mm
    1 yellow dot = 11mm
    1 white dot = 12mm
    1 blue dot = 13mm
    2 red dots = 14mm
    2 yellow dots = 15mm
    2 white dots = 16mm
    2 blue dots = 17mm
    It works for 99% of the bolts on my Honda and Ford truck and I only have to figure the size once. The mechanics I deal with think it should be standard practice for manufacturers. Makes the job faster and easier.

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    Phil B

    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is a good idea even if a person has only one vehicle. For example, I have trouble remembering if my oil pan drain plug is 15mm on my present car or merely was 15mm on my previous car. I have a Brother P-touch labelmaker and it would work well. Those are very durable labels. I made a label for a coffee cup and the label survives the electric dishwasher as if nothing happened. Thanks for posting.